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Lots of people don’t know what is responsive website design or what does responsive design mean? Responsive website design works to suggest that design, as well as development, must respond well to the behavior of the users and environment according to several factors, like orientation, platform, and screen size. It comprises an integration of flexible layouts and grids, images, and the utilization of CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) media queries.

When users shift to iPad from their laptops, the site must too switch automatically for accommodating image size, resolution, and scripting capabilities. In this matter, one needs to take into consideration the settings present in their devices, like whether or not they have got a VPN for iPhone operating system on their iPads.

It also means the site must possess the technology to respond to the preferences of users automatically. It will lessen the requirement for a different development and design phase for every new gadget present on the market.

If you are the one who is looking forward to having responsive web design services in Delhi, consider Qdexi Global Solution LLP. We have the best talent and resources to do your project. For satisfying the requirements of our clients, we have employed only experienced website designers in Delhi.

What do Responsive Website Services Involve?

Responsive website design services in India propose solutions by making applications and websites sufficiently smart to resize as well as to adapt their content so that they fit well into the device. This, in turn, augments the speed of development besides making the project manageable. Additionally, it also increases usability.

When you connect to Qdexi Technology, you can get various services connected to responsive web design like:

  • Application dev. services with highly responsive layouts
  • Responsive User Interface or UI development for various devices.
  • Migration of constant layout web apps and sites to responsive layout.
  • Consulting services for the implementation of responsive designs.

When you have known what does responsive design mean, you need to be aware that a responsive web design is built on the latest CSS, JavaScript, and HTML5 frameworks, and all of them propose components based on the layout that caters to a specific device. You will find dimensional to be provided in percentages in responsive web designs; hence, the designs turn fluid. Again, they can adjust themselves to the window size of the browser.

What are Responsive Web Design Examples?

Some popular responsive web design examples are:

responsive website design

Dropbox – It has done an excellent job by utilizing flexible visuals and a fruit grid for designing an eye-catching responsive site. It doesn’t only alter the font color for accommodating the background color when it shifted to handheld devices from the desktop but also the image changes orientation.

Dribble – This website features a flexible grid and a highly-responsive web design. It also condenses from 5 columns on laptop and desktop computers to 2 columns on mobile phones and tablets.

GitHub – The website of GitHub proposes to users a consistent experience all across all devices. GitHub too has hidden the menu and detached the search bar on handheld devices. It is a common practice because it aids in lessening clutter on a mobile device where users get only limited space.

Klientboost – Klientboost is another superb instance of a mobile responsive web design. The most important thing is the look and feel of Klientboost’s website remains consistent all across every device; still, it has been successful in tailoring its user experience to every device.

If you are looking for the best responsive web design services in Delhi, you must not look beyond the services of Qdexi Global Solution LLP. With our unmatched web design and website development services, we propose your company with an attractive and responsive website that would generate impressive sales, leads, and traffic.

How to make responsive websites?

If you don’t know how to make responsive websites, you must follow the below-mentioned factors:

  • Set ideal responsive breakpoints – In a responsive design, the breakpoint happens to be the point because here the design and content of the website do adapt in a specific manner to deliver the finest user experience. To access a website, you must use devices having distinct resolutions and screen sizes. So, the software needs to be rendered perfectly across every screen size. Again, images or content can’t be cut out, obscured, or distorted.
  • Begin with a fluid grid – Today, websites are created on a fluid grid. Commonly, the job of a fluid grid is positioning and setting web components on a website according to the screen size where it is being displayed.
  • Use touchscreens – To make your website responsive, you can use touchscreens as the majority of mobile devices have touchscreens. A few laptops too propose a touchscreen besides the keyboard functions.

Why Would You Hire Qdexi Global Solution LLP?

We have carved a niche as a reliable business website designing agency because we never fail to create responsive website design services so that your website becomes accessible across all devices. Beginning from laptops to tablets to smartphones, our responsive design would permit your business to cater to everyone’s taste in your intended market.

Business owners prefer to use our responsive website designing services for getting an entire development team. Hence, you lessen the hassle of recruiting or onboarding process. We hire only skilled and experienced website designers in Delhi as well as from other places so that they can form your responsive website.

Our responsive website design services permit people to relax as we feature a team comprising experienced and competent responsive web designers. The remarkable thing is that our team remains aware of every responsive design practice. Additionally, it reads and learns about innovative ways to create the ideal type of design that can work for responsive websites.

We come across as a moderately-priced business website designing agency because we cut down your costs for experimentation, research, or trail development. The best thing is we can form magnificent responsive websites and our client-focused advancement turns us into their long-term partner, no matter for leading their Search Engine Optimization campaigns or maintaining their websites.

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