Terms and Conditions

Please read the following terms and conditions which apply in respect of all work undertaken by Qdexi Global Solution LLP

Terms and Conditions

Please read the following terms and conditions which apply in respect of all work undertaken by Qdexi Global Solution LLP. Following are the terms and conditions for using our services. Signing on the order form, or submitting an online order indicates agreement to the terms of our services.

  • We are a digital marketing service company and by offering our services you are bound by our terms and conditions. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions or you are not satisfied with our services, you can discontinue our services. Our terms shall be revised periodically and they are reflected in our Terms of Use.
  • When you use our services, we shall contact you through emails. We shall not send you unwanted emails.
  • We provide digital marketing services according to our abilities. We maintain the best quality services regarding our services.
  • We have the exclusive right for modifying the prices and services provided by us from time to time. If you use our services after making these changes, they shall constitute acceptance of the changes. Our company has every right to cancelling the services. We also reserve the right of terminating the services instantly without any further notice if there is any breach of terms and conditions and other terms applicable to those services.
  • Our services have links related to third-party sites, which are not controlled or owned by us. We have no responsibility or have no control for the practices, privacy policies, or content for the third party sites. When you use our services, you relieve us from all liabilities arising from the use of third-party websites. We encourage you to read the privacy policy and terms and conditions of other websites you visit.
  • You shall agree not to gather any personal information from our services and you shall not use our communication systems for spamming objectives. You shall also agree not to use our services for commercial reasons.
  • You shall agree to use the services for any unauthorized and illegal purposes. International users shall comply with the local laws related to acceptable content and online performance. You agree not to violate the laws.
  • Clients are responsible for the content stored or posted on the website. We have no control over the information or content provided on the website. We shall not be responsible for any direct or consequential damages incurred by our clients for using our services. We are not responsible for recover or back up data if there is a loss by our clients. There shall be no warranties implied or expressed for our services.
  • All services offered by us shall be used as per the law. Presenting, documentation, storing or presenting information that violates the law is prohibited strictly.
  • Our work shall be considered complete once the project is approved by our customers. If customers request additional changes then the changes can be made at an additional cost.
  • It is our responsibility to complete the project within the deadline. Any down payments made to us shall not be refundable.

Using our services indicate that you accept our Terms and Conditions.

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