Facebook Marketing Services

Facebook Marketing Services

Create Your Own Market Identity with Facebook Marketing Services

In the present scenario of the online marketing business, it has become very tough to compete with loads of competitors out there. In the matter of Facebook Marketing Services, it is of utmost importance to have an understanding of the related concepts like a Facebook marketing strategy for executing all the aspects to perfection.

Facebook remarketing services are targeted at those who were past visitors of your site. It is an act of running ads to the targeted customers when you realize that the attention span of the average site visitor is reducing and the rate of cart rejection is increasing. Marketers get troubled by not converting the visitor despite their best efforts. Facebook remarketing services company aims at winning back the losing customers.

Taking help of the best digital marketing service agency like Qdexi Global Solutions LLP enables you to understand these concepts in details.

Facebook Marketing Agency for Small Business

Facebook is the most popular platform of social media where customers visit in search of images, reviews, and advice for their preferred business house. Small business owners do not have a huge fund for investing in digital marketing like big companies. But Facebook makes it convenient for the small business owners to take benefits of marketing on Facebook.  Facebook Marketing agency can help to increase brand awareness, find new customers, increase website traffic, take care of loyal customers, and improves sale and customer service. Facebook marketing services for small businesses offers the following marketing tips to know about how to market on Facebook:

business page

  • Setting up the Facebook page for business by providing a profile picture and cover photo for quick identification of your brand, filling out contact information so that the potential customers can contact you, clarifying your business activities, choosing the right template that represents your business, customizing Call-to-action button and lastly providing a vanity URL for your page for easier access and making the page more official.
  • Make posts on the types of available content accordingly as per your decision regarding how you try to engage your audience. You can choose from video posts, image posts, link posts, and plain-text posts.
  • Be relatable while creating promotional posts that make your brand worth following.
  • Publish media directly on Facebook instead of providing a link.
  • Adapt your content for various platforms that enables your followers to interact with something new.
  • Consider starting a Facebook group to build a community around the brand and make interaction with your followers.
  • Facebook posts must be consistent.
  • Use the right metrics for measuring success.

Custom Audiences of Facebook and Facebook Charges

Facebook custom audiences refer to an ad targeting option that enables you to identify your existing customers among a large number of people on Facebook. It can be done by searching certain things like a customer list, engagement on Facebook, or website traffic, to create custom audiences among people who know your business. You can create Facebook custom audiences of up to a number of 500 per ad account.

facebook audience and charge

You can find Facebook charges for your ad account in the billing section of Ads Manager where you will be able to see your payment details and the history of particular charges. To view the charges of Facebook following steps are considered:

  • Go to your Billing section of Transaction History.
  • Select Transactions from the drop-down list.
  • Choose the desired date range for getting a view of transactions.

All the details related to transactions will be viewed including transaction ID, the date and amount of payment, payment method, and status.

Benefits of Facebook business page creation service:

  • Facebook page for business is free and takes just a minute to create.
  • The pages come with multiple free tools to help you in achieving the targeted goals of your business.
  • The pages should be created to build loyalty with new as well as existing customers.
  • Ads can increase brand recognition and audience. Create a Facebook page for making advertisements for your brand and use advertising tools for creating ads, stating your budget and planning strategy accordingly.

Facebook Promotion

Page promotions refer to the Facebook ads that you can directly create from your Facebook page for business. It is the fastest means of Facebook ad creation and it provides suggestions regarding text and images for your ad automatically.

Promoting your page will introduce you to prospective people and once they hit “like” your page, they will be able to see your regular content update. Facebook promotion of your business page requires the following steps:

  • Select “Promote” on your business page.
  • Choose a goal and thereafter “Ad Creative” for getting an automatic suggestion of text or images for your ad.
  • Create your audience by setting location, audience’s age limit, gender, and interests.
  • Set your budget and duration to see how long you want your ad to run.
  • Review the payment method and make necessary changes.
  • Submit your ad and select “Promote”

How to Rate a Seller on Facebook?

Here are a few steps to evaluate a seller:

  • Select the three-bar menu on the Facebook page.
  • Tap on “MarketPlace” then “You”.
  • Then tap on “Selling”.
  • After selecting all tap on “Seller Rate” at the top right corner.
  • Select a happy or sad face as per your experience.

Benefits of Availing Services of Digital Marketing Service Provider

While choosing a online marketing agency that has the capabilities to meet your marketing goal is the best feature you should look out for. Renowned Facebook marketing agency known as Qdexi Technology not only assures to deliver desired services but also increases the website visitors by providing extensive know-how about how to market on Facebook.

We demonstrate and explain the various digitalized Facebook marketing strategy to prospective clients. Along with that, we ensure tracking of all campaigns relating to Facebook promotion, Facebook business page creation service, marketing on Facebook, Facebook advertising services etc., and report regularly. We check our all work and take corrective measures when required.

Working with the best digital marketing solution provider like Qdexi Global Solutions LLP for availing Facebook marketing Services helps to keep your product or service on top of current trends. Keeping updated with the current trends like Facebook statistics, Facebook hashtags, Facebook Analytics, and various other techniques must be included in Facebook’s marketing strategy to ensure the top quality marketing.

Our team of skilled and professional marketers mainly focuses to develop and improve standards for searching to increase Return on Investment (ROI). The Facebook marketing services provided by our team are custom-made for meeting various business demands of sellers from the global community of marketing.

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