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Amazon Marketing Services (AMS)

With cut-throat competition in todays online marketing business, especially when it comes to Amazon marketing services in India it is necessary to know the right procedure for executing a marketing strategy to perfection. While most online platforms provide payment for clicks and impressions, the approach of Amazon is slightly different. In Amazon digital marketing services the marketer gets to choose the payment when a buyer clicks on the ad. This allows adequate control over the ad budget.

Although the advertising reports provided by Amazon might not offer the best insights into a customers search pattern it can help to understand the pros and cons of marketing a product. Overall, an Amazon marketing services can save a substantial amount of energy and time and help to build brand recognition.

To make the most out of such services it is necessary to know about certain technicalities like Amazon keyword planner, Amazon marketing strategy, what is BSR Amazon, etc. that can help to proceed towards the right path to success.

Taking the help of a professional Amazon marketing agency like Qdexi Global Solutions LLP can help in understanding these topics better and devise the best Amazon marketing strategy through Amazon A+ content writing services for vendors.

What is BSR Amazon?

BSR stands for Best Sellers Rank, sometimes also referred to as sales rank, which is the score assigned to a specific product based on its historical sale data. This calculation is done by the Amazon algorithm based on the current and past sales of the product in comparison to other products in the same category.

Best Sellers Rank Amazon

For improving the BSR on Amazon there are several strategies including Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Taking the help of a trusted digital marketing services provider - Qdexi Technology can improve the SEO standard and help the product rank higher up on the result page.

Significance of Amazon Marketing Service in E-Commerce Business

Achieving a set of goals to achieve business growth is the basic idea behind running an ad campaign. To make this effective, certain objectives and budgets are set to ensure optimal utilization of resources and money. Some of the reasons for incorporating Amazon marketing services into an e-commerce business are as follows

Optimizing Product Listings

Proper optimization of product listing ensures higher conversion rates. This leads to improved reviews and higher sales, thereby ensuring a better ranking. To make the most out of the Amazon listing optimization service it is advised to identify top-converting keywords that have lower advertising cost of sales for inclusion in the listings.

Exciting Shopping Experience

With a million brands marketing on Amazon it is necessary to provide a delightful shopping experience to customers. This can be ensured through Amazon marketing services in USA.


To improve customer outreach it is necessary to proper information to customers about the product or service. This can be improved by creating informative landing pages, developing unique stories, and incorporating easy return policies to boost the shopping experience.

Qdexi Technology - an online Amazon marketing agency in India can help in improving the core pillars of listing such as the title of the product, its description, and the questions and answers.

Understanding the Amazon Seller Fees Calculator

To make your selling proposition a profitable one, it is necessary to devise the cost of advertising and other marketing expenses with precision. Amazon seller fees calculator helps in calculating the cost of marketing a product based on certain parameters. This includes

  • The category of the product
  • The closing price of the marketed item
  • Cost of delivery and shipping
  • Other associated fees based on specific service or program
amazon marketing service

Available Fulfillment Options

The Amazon seller fees calculator calculates the fees structure based on the available fulfillment options. This includes

  • FBA or Fulfillment by Amazon: In this, Amazon packs, stores and delivers the product to the buyer.
  • ES or Easy Ship: The seller packs and stores the product and Amazon delivers it to the customers.
  • Self-Ship: The storage, packing, and delivery all are done by the seller.

A professional Amazon marketing agency knows how to calculate the fees and helps in choosing the right option for the seller.

How to Avail of Amazon Seller Services?

Only approved Amazon seller service accounts in Amazon are eligible to opt for the Amazon marketing services in USA, India. If you want to know how to become Amazon seller, the following six credentials are eligible for the AMS

  • Vendor Central login
  • Invitation for representing a vendor
  • Seller Central account
  • KDP or Kindle Direct Publishing
  • Vendor Express login
  • Advantage Central login

Whether you are looking to market your product in Amazon Austin TX or any other location hiring a reputed Amazon marketing agency can serve your purpose.

Pros of Hiring a Reliable Digital Marketing Agency

Working with a digital marketing agency - Qdexi Technology for your Amazon marketing service can help to keep your product on top of the latest trends. Keeping updated with the latest trends like algorithm updates, Amazon listing optimization service, advanced strategies and tactics, and Amazon keyword planner is essential for ensuring the best marketing.

We leave no stones unturned to help our client obtain global outreach, whether the product is for Amazon Austin TX, or any other national or overseas location. We understand the significance of applying strategic techniques for improving sales. Our professional digital marketing team has in-depth knowledge about Amazon marketing strategy, like the Amazon keyword planner and Amazon seller fee calculator that can help your product rank high up in the SEO list.

Reliability and accountability of the actions taken for marketing a product or a service are major factors for increasing return on investment. Our team of marketers takes complete responsibility and accountability for the actions taken by them to ensure the best outcome for marketing your product on Amazon.

The Amazon A+ content writing services for vendors provided by our Amazon marketing services team are customized to meet the distinctive business demands of sellers from the global marketing community. The ultimate goal of our marketing team is to develop and improve on the search benchmarks that can provide more return on investment.

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