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Qdexi Technology has been providing premium content writing services for years now. As the top content agency, we have served more than 500 clients across industries and the world with their content requirements. Our expert content writers completely acknowledge the nuances that go into producing marketing content that supports clients strengthen their brand communication with the target audience. The team of our skilled content developers will provide you with creative, relevant and SEO- friendly content based on your business requirements at reasonable and negotiable prices.

As such, content for email marketing and content for an internal web page cannot be written in the same style. Again, content writing is different from the conventional copy writing or journalism as it is aimed to gain prominence on the web and mostly customised for the clients. It is necessary for a company to hire an experienced digital marketing service who can provide target-oriented content writing service.

The skilled writers working with us produce content based on the clients business needs and targets. We have a team of experts who are completely familiar with different writing styles for different kinds of content.

What Makes Our Content Writing Service Great?

It is unimaginable to manage digital marketing campaigns without good-quality content. Depending on your digital marketing strategy, we develop the content that can help your business gain traction in your targeted market. Only great content can make digital marketing strategies including the SEO, Social media, and lead generation campaigns successful. Owing to this demand of yours, Qdexi Technology renders web content writing service that is strategic and well-planned.

Here is something that makes our content writing service highly-effective-

  • Content is well-planned, need-based, and highly engaging.
  • Content is created after thorough and extensive research.
  • Content is structured and written flawlessly with subject-specific terms and keywords.

An experienced content writing agency, client satisfaction is our top-priority. In this highly competitive market, the need of right content types at right times cannot be denied. A responsible service provider in this field, we can help your clients make their businesses highly successful or meet the desired targets.

Primary Benefits of Acquiring Content Marketing Service From Qdexi Technology

The Primary Benefits Of Having Top-Class Contents Are As Follows:

  • Content Help In Increasing Conversion Rate When a visitor visits a business website, it is the content that keeps them engaged. A focused content can enhance the interest of the visitors and increase the conversion rate.
  • Improves Search Engine Ranking SEO based content with the right choice and distribution of keywords increases the visibility of a website in the search engines. This, in turn, increases search engine ranking.
  • Steady Growth Of The Business Needless to say, with the increased visitors, increased conversion rate, and improved search engine ranking a business grows steadily.

All these are feasible when a company hires an experienced and comprehensive content writing company that is capable of providing expert content writers. For a complete digital marketing, content writing for a different platform is necessary which can be accomplished only by an expert content writing agency.

Different Types of Content Writing Solutions We Offer

As discussed above, content writing style depends on the purpose and platform where it is being used. As such the content writing for email marketing is different from that of Facebook marketing. Besides, there are several other types of contents writings are known like business writing, ghostwriting, and copywriting. As such, there are following major types of content writing services:

Website Content Writing

A splendid website designing is never complete without a highly engaging content. Different webpages like product or services, about us, contact us; customer forum, etc. require good and informative contents. Website content enhances the credibility of a website as also plays an important role in building brand image.

SEO Content Writing

Most of the contents the writers write are for SEO content writing services. Business websites require keywords-based contents in the forms of blogs, articles, and product descriptions. As such, SEO article writing requires intensive knowledge of the companys products or services or both. An SEO expert research on the keywords in the search engines and then delivers those keywords to the content writers for developing relevant contents.

Social Media Content Writing

These days, social media is the most effective platform for interacting with prospects and customers. Thus, digital marketing experts pay a special attention to social media marketing. Engaging and appropriate contents are the backbone of social media marketing. Again, different social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. require different kinds of contents

Press Release Writing

This kind of content writing is also very common these days. There was a time, when press releases were created to keep the market updated regarding a new development in a company like the launching of a new product or extending the date of availing a special service, etc. In modern times, digital marketing initiatives use press releases as a marketing tool. Hence, content writers are often asked to write press releases on certain matters related to the company.

Feature Writing

This is the most creative web content writing type that is used efficiently in digital marketing. Feature writings may take different forms like storytelling, poems, satire, lifestyle description, travel description, biography etc. The sole purpose is to keep the interest of the readers alive.

Technical Writing

Different kind of content is required for technical product description such as smartphones, computer hardware, mobile apps, robotics, IoT, AI, etc. Technical writing is one of the toughest forms of content writing as the writer needs to know the product or service well; otherwise, the description may be faulty.

We Are Content Marketing Company You Can Always Count On

Qdexi Technology is a trusted content writing agency one stop destination where you can get the premium content writing services at the most competitive prices. We offer website content, brochure content, marketing content, case study content, product descriptions, and script writing, and so on. There is no limit to what kind of content writing services you can get here. So, without making any further delays get in touch with us.

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