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Qdexi Global Solution LLP is well-known for its reasonable and exclusive staffing services. It is possible to hire a specialist or a team of specialists at extremely reasonable prices for your requirements. Our all professionals are skilled, knowledgeable employees who dedicatedly work on the project at hand. We offer you complete liberty to select resources according to your requirements, budget, and convenience. Get quality-oriented Zend Development Service solutions from us. A confidential and quick analysis with immense data security is here for you only.

What Is the Zend framework and How Is It Beneficial?

Zend is a prominent web application framework that has advanced to support powerful web entities. It is an object-oriented and open-source extension based on PHP 5 to develop more consistent and safe web development services while making use of widely accessible APIs from prominent vendors at the same time. The web application framework involves all fully object-oriented components that comply with PHP 5 and E_STRICT

The web applications and websites developed using this top-end framework are highly secure, scalable, and robust. Zend holds the simplicity of PHP and boosts the possibilities by means of accuracy and rationalities of the development process of web applications. It offers the best features and the flexibility of open source development. By means of The Zend framework, it is possible to develop a range of web applications including business modules, portals, and others. Its advantages allow developing cost-effective and high-end solutions. Moreover, it takes less time to create a website with the help of The Zend framework compared to the general PHP development.

The benefits of The Zend framework involve free architecture of minimal interdependencies and loose components with extensible MVC executions that support layouts. It offers templates based on PHP by default and supports a variety of database vendors and systems, such as Oracle, MariaDB, MySQL, IBM DB2, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Informix Dynamic Server, and SQLite. It makes the process of the composition, delivery, and retrieval of emails seamless with the help of POP3, mbox, Maildir, and IMAP4. In addition, it provides the caching sub-system that is flexible having support for diverse types of the backend like the file system or memory.

Reasons For Choosing The Zend framework For Development of Web Applications

Zend Development service is imperative because it allows integrating extremely popular enterprise-grade products, open-source projects, and in-depth support and services. It enables consuming extensively available APIs from prominent vendors, such as Amazon, Google, Flickr, and Yahoo as well as cataloguers and API providers. The framework is fully object-oriented, which is highly extensible as it offers abstract classes and fluent interfaces together with a rich library for recurrent usage in applications.

In addition, the framework supports many database systems, such as Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Microsoft SQL Server to build data-driven websites or web applications in an easy manner. And it complies with the MVC paradigm to allow the separation of the web page or additional contents from Controller or Model, which makes it easier for programmers and designers to concentrate on their specialization areas and carry out rapid development. Moreover, it allows the development of more reliable, secure, and contemporary web 2.0 web services and applications.

The Services that Qdexi Offers

Qdexi is the frontrunner in the Zend Development service of websites and web applications. We work with a group of a number of talented and skillful developers and programmers. Our years of full-sized knowledge and expertise of PHP The Zend framework enables us to leverage the full capability of this framework. Qdexi is a well-recognized Zend development service provider company that acts as a one-stop destination for development projects based on Zend.

The services for the development of Zend applications that we offer include the following:

  • Development of applications based on The Zend framework
  • Development of websites based on The Zend framework
  • Development of products based on The Zend framework
  • Support and maintenance services
  • Implementation and integration
  • Development of web portals based on The Zend framework
  • Customization of The Zend framework
  • Redevelopment of The Zend framework-based applications
  • Integration of recent Zend updates
  • Testing and completion of Zend applications

Reasons For Choosing Qdexi for Zend Development Service

At Qdexi, we have widened the ambit of The Zend framework with the help of smart CMS, customized application development, and eCommerce solutions. We are the pioneers of meeting the requirements of businesses due to our cutting-edge solutions for boosting efficiency and mitigating expenses that basically lead to heightening the sales and profits of your business.

Qdexi's Zend Development professionals provide ultimate advantages that are difficult to get elsewhere. You can get direct access to our innovative and time-tested Zend tools, technologies, and techniques. You get to offer new sets of challenges to your competitors that seem quite intricate and complex for them to deal with. You are able to extend the operations of your business and the business itself beyond the directed mark. Also, you can get highly customized experiences by means of advanced functionality and features in all your projects whether small or big.

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