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Web App development is the process of developing web applications. In Web app development, dynamic websites are created along with server-side programming. It provides various functionalities such as interacting with users, back-end database connection, etc. Online reservation, online banking, social networking, online shopping, writing and submitting blogs, forums, etc. are some functions that can be done in a web application. We provide Web Application Development Service in such a way that it can provide the best environment for various users to work simultaneously. Apart from that Qdexi Global Solution LLP develops a web application with better readability and it offers easy maintainability and version management. A confidential and quick analysis with immense data security is here for you only.

The web application developers of Qdexi are highly experienced and they develop a web application in such a way that you can perform everything meeting your desired needs. Starting from a simple content management system to complex Internet applications such as e-commerce, social networking, etc. Our web application service can provide custom software development, custom ERP development, social networking development, E-commerce portal, web content solution, smart card solution, etc. The web application of Qdexi is flexible and scalable.

The Technology Behind Web Application Development

There are two main technologies behind web app development. They are:

  • Client-side scripting: Client-side scripting is generally interpreted and executed by the web browser. The visitor to the website can view the client-side scripting. For viewing the source code or client-side scripting of any website, you have to click on the View Source from the View menu. There are many client-side scripting languages that are used to code the front end of the website such as HyperText Markup Languages (HTML), Cascading Style Sheet (CSS), JavaScript, Asynchronous JavaScript, AND XML (Ajax), jQuery, etc.
  • Server-side scripting: Server-side scripting is interpreted and executed by the webserver. Unlike client-side scripting, server-side scripting cannot be viewed by the visitor of the website. Some of the common languages that are generally used in server-side scripting are Personal Home Page (PHP), Perl, Ruby, ASP.NET, Python, etc.

Security Features in Web App Development

While developing a dynamic web app our web application development service experts maintain the security features. Lets have a look at the essential security features that we never miss:

Authentication: Authentication is a process that is used to validate the user to find out whether the person who is using the web application is the actual user or not. If the user is not authenticated then the web application should not allow the user to access the website. In case of any loopholes in a web application, any hacker or unauthorized user can access the web application and can harm the web application. They can even seize some confidential data. So, it is very necessary to check the authentication process properly while developing the web application. Our developers are masters in this aspect.

Access Security: It is also very essential to embed data access security and code access security in web app development. Data access security is important to prevent unauthorized or illegal users to access the database from the web application. Code access security ensures that no unauthorized user can have the access to system resources. While developing the web application only a few users should be given the administrator right and others should have only the read permission. Administrator right is such a right that provides both read and write permission to the user and so it should not be given to anyone.

Configuration Setting: Configuration file security setting is very essential to configure in Machine.config and Web.config files. In the Machine.config file the base and default settings are established whereas in Web.config file the application-specific setting is established. While developing a web application it is essential to establish a connection string to connect to the database. It is of utmost importance to encrypt the connection string to ensure that the information remains safe.

Two-step Authentications: The web app development should go through two steps authentications. It is very important to initiate the SMS-based verification or code-based verification via email so that the validation of the authorized users is done properly before accessing the web application. This kind of authentication is very essential in some crucial transactions like money transactions.

The web application is the backbone of every enterprise and all aspect of an online business depends on it. Here, plan, discover, and implement every web app in such a way that it can become an asset to your company. In todays business environment, the web application has a substantial impact on the business. Our web application development service can provide you with an opportunity to get an upper hand in business. You may have to handle thousands of data after some time. We always implant the most useful and technologically advanced tools in your web application so that you do not face any problems in the future. Apart from that security and performance are always given high priority.

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