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Yii is an open-source framework for PHP that provides adequate liberty to developers with regard to development. The framework provides all Yii development service provider companies a substantial amount of stability as well as flexibility. Created by means of a simple learning curve, the framework promotes a number of virtues resulting in the development of diversified projects especially in-depth documentation, indirect customization, clean layouts that provide excellent traffic to your site, and common caching solutions. The indicative expansion of the abbreviation, which is yes, it is, suggests that the Yii framework is safe, fast, and high performing with respect to all specifications of the development of a website.

With Yii, it is possible to develop inventive web 2.0 applications by means of the high-performance features that the framework renders. A Yii Development service provider's expertise helps you in finding the mark of a traditional coder and provides you with a sharp edge in the area of PHP development service. It is extremely appealing and valuable to the folks in the business, while the advantages in development that it provides are of immense appeal and of substantial importance to its users. The incisive security, powerful caching support, and professional methodology of the Yii framework enable the developers to develop their desired application developed with the minimum possible efforts.

Moreover, the framework, written in PHP, consists of an array of class reference tutorials and provides utmost reusability in web applications in a manner that boosts the development process effectually. Its security, high speed, and exceptional functionalities make it the most proper and most favorable platform for developers.

The Prominent Features of Yii Development Include the following:

  • A detailed Extension Library
  • Ultimate security options
  • No need for the frequent and repeated writing of SQL statements
  • Automated development of WSDL for the handling of requests
  • A dynamic type of input and validation approach
  • Functional with third-party codes
  • AJAX-enabled widgets
  • An RBAC for controlling inbuilt support for authentication
  • Excellent execution of a Layered caching system
  • Dynamic logging and error handling
  • Validated MVC architecture
  • Well-appointed security procedures
  • Inbuilt authorization and authentication
  • Implementation of a mechanism for skinning and theming
  • Rapid code generation for CRUD and Form Input
  • Works for interface localization and message translation
  • Simply moldable Outlook with the mechanism of theming

Why Choose Qdexi Technology?

If you strive to hire Yii Developmentservice professionals capable of developing highly powerful web applications, Qdexi Technology is the best hub for all your needs.

  • We develop customized Yii applications as per the requirements of clients.
  • We possess ingenious Yii developers who are highly cooperative.
  • We adopt the agile work approach to generate on-time results.
  • We have reliable technical assistance and customer care.
  • We utilize validated and advanced technologies.
  • We follow a highly competitive web development pattern to minimize production costs.

The Yii Development Services That Qdexi Technology Offers

Yii Development service at Qdexi Technology is totally based on leveraging the features of this incredible framework. We tend to utilize the set of its features in such a manner that the web presentation and application logic of the product find optimal spots according to the requirements of the client. We not only apply the appropriate security controls to the application, but also make it equally robust in all areas, thereby attending to the factors, such as flexibility, compatibility, and performance. Our proficient Yii developers possess hands-on expertise in implementing diversified functional properties, such as caching support, MVC, access control, authentication, scaffolding, and AJAX compatibility. We have become partners with their technology in a way that our professional developers and their working environment always remain keen on taking in newfangled features in the Yii group.

We cater to diversified industry verticals with the following services:

Web Application Development: We possess a group of experienced developers providing exceptional Yii web application development services to develop a tremendous website.

Social Networking App Development: Social media is vital for business at present. And here at Qdexi Technology, we come first for social networking app development service using advanced solutions.

Yii CMS Development: At our company, we render the supreme Yii framework that performs well and is extremely effective. Get Yii CMS development service from us at a reliable cost.

Yii Migration Solutions: It becomes a lot simpler to migrate across Yii platforms due to the accessibility of excellent Yii migration solutions.

Third-party App Integration: It is possible to include Yii development service solutions with third-party APIs owing to the Yii framework development services.

Yii Enterprise Solutions: Get the full solution to your enterprise-related issues. The solutions allow for a rapid marketing process and lessened lifecycle expenses.

Yii Shopping Cart Development: With respect to the development of a shopping cart, our specialists deliver amazing services with seamless checkout and payment.

Theme Designing and Integration: Deck up your eCommerce platform with the help of our alluring Yii themes suiting your business.

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