Spark AR Development Services

Spark AR Development Services

Make Your Business Stand Apart From Others With Spark AR Development

Qdexi Technology’s goal, backed by our years of experience and breadth of knowledge, is to provide customers with a first-rate augmented reality experience inside mobile applications, which will encourage them to interact with companies. Our curated experiences in augmented reality are cutting-edge, high-quality, reliable, and transportive. We at Qdexi Technology combine several channels of expression, including visual, aural, spatial, cognitive, and emotional via our Spark AR Development Services. This guarantees that the intended meaning will be communicated without any ambiguity. As a Spark AR development agency, we can help you reach the widest potential audience on these platforms by using our knowledge of Spark AR development to ensure that your content resonates with its target demographic.

What is Spark AR?

Meta’s Facebook and Instagram posts may now have impressive Augmented Reality effects thanks to Spark AR.

It may be used to make a variety of augmented reality content, such as patching, animation, face filter, and even playable augmented reality games. The widespread distribution of these effects is further enabled by their easy upload to social media sites.

Benefits of our Spark AR

Some of the benefits that Spart AR offers on different social media platforms include:

Expand Your Influence and Help Millions: Spark AR provides a distribution channel for your augmented reality (AR) content to the combined 2.9 billion monthly active users of Facebook and the 1 billion monthly active users of Instagram. Consequently, it should come as no surprise how far-reaching Spark AR’s potential is.

Involvement in Creative Activity: Greater Prolificacy and Effort, Spark augmented reality allows you to interact with your audience in a manner that is both unique and exciting. Using Qdexi Technology, you may take your imagination to new heights and discover how vast the cosmos really is. You go ahead and do that, and we’ll make sure it comes true while you work.

Higher predictability: In Spark augmented reality, users are immersed in a familiar setting, like Facebook or Instagram. In this way, it’s less difficult to manage the experience’s consistency and quality for the user’s benefit.

Viral ability: Simple to distribute, users may quickly and easily reach a large audience by posting their experience on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. That’s why we at Qdexi Technology make sure to always incorporate the newest and most exciting Facebook & Instagram AR filters, certain to go viral and grab millions of eyeballs in an instant.

Qdexi Technology’s Spark AR Development Services

You can make your branded augmented reality (AR) app the talk of the town with the aid of our Spark AR development services and their many useful tools.

Assets & Objects Inclusion: By using realistic effects, we create a compelling and engaging environment:

  1. Supplemental Substances and Surfaces
  2. Music and sound effects
  3. Moving things in both 3D and 2D dimensions

Process Modeling: Yes, we make a scene (in more ways than one). Whether it’s an immersive setting where consumers feel a part of the action or the chaos that ensues when an experience becomes popular.

  1. Create an image and act it out.
  2. Arranging things in three dimensions
  3. Adaptable to a wide range of mobile gadgets
  4. Modifying the distance, size, and perspective

Character Effects: We develop interactive effects for People that can track the user’s physical motion. Effects may be added to the movement by scanning and tracking various body components.

  1. Human motion capture (head, shoulders, etc.)
  2. Constructed Mesh of the Face
  3. Face recognition on a large scale

World Effects: Adding computer-generated elements to a live setting is what this term refers to.

  1. Objects arranged in a full circle
  2. Identification of an Aircraft
  3. Observing and following a target

3D Objects & Animations: For an engaging interaction, we include 3D objects with bones and joints and give them life via animation.

  1. Both 3D words and 3D planes
  2. Images and models made entirely in 3D
  3. Aspects of Shadows
  4. Things with vectors

Our Process Of Providing Spark AR Development Services

Qdexi Technology provides end-to-end services for creating an AR experience, from concept to deployment.

Assisting with Branding Methods: As an online marketing agency, we provide guidance on how to make the most of the current augmented reality marketing trends. That’s why we work with you to develop a successful marketing and branding initiative.

Concept Development and Storyboard: A deliberate plan is drawn out with the use of storyboards and brainstorming sessions. Insight into the first steps required to realign marketing tactics is provided.

Technological Contribution: We excel at the technical side because of our many years of experience in the field. We create cutting-edge augmented reality (AR) experiences that are interactive and exciting, and that are also in line with the stated aims and objectives via our tailored digital marketing services.

Procedure and Evaluation: The last step is making use of what you’ve learned and reflecting on how well it worked. Here, we keep a close check on performance and reaction in order to adjust the approach as needed via our social media marketing services.

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