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Qdexi is highly experienced in delivering successful PHP CMS Development services. Our profound and extensive experience has enabled us to deliver an excellent quality online content management system at par brilliance. Qdexi provides all the requisite administrative tools for the upkeep of your site and also makes it easy for you to update news, copy changes, update press releases, and price changes on your own.

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About Content Management System

In the internet era of today, information is a vital part of every business. A collection of data goes through the huge network of people all over the world. And thus, a Content Management System or simply CMS has become an ideal solution to ensure to serve even the minutest information in the right manner to the right audience at the right time.

A content management system is imperative because it is an online application that simplifies the authoring and management of content. You no longer require having a different software for updating the content of your site. You are able to easily make alterations in website content over the internet. The system helps users in creating, developing, arranging, and keeping content-rich websites with productivity. Restructuring the process of online publishing, content management systems do away with the requirement of costly website upkeep, thereby enabling you to do the content management on your own. The need for HTML knowledge or programming is annulled for the reason that it is possible to easily and quickly update content on the site without having to modify the sites design. Therefore, a content management system is a superlative solution for a business that wants to maintain their sites on their own.

The Services That Qdexi Offers

Qdexi can provide you a complete range of PHP content management system development service that are handy in mitigating the expenses of managing your business. We offer ready to use solutions, CMS integration, and platform customization. When the content in different ways is blasting in each business out there, we provide the most appropriate PHP CMS Development service solutions for a number of platforms. This enables you to manage your site content in excellent ways. Our developed CMS enables you to alter your static page data into a data of a dynamic page, update the site content, manage content through HTML, and use graphics in content easily. We possess rich expertise in creating portals and rendering efficient PHP CMS development services harnessing our experience of exceptional open source CMS.

WordPress Development Service: You can get quality-backed WordPress development service solutions from our expert WordPress developers at highly competitive prices.

Joomla Development Service: We have skilled Joomla developers possessing expertise in developing websites, templates, static sites, ecommerce sites, CMS sites etc.

Magento Development Service: Our Magento development service specialists have the requisite experience and are up-to-date with the recent versions of the platform.

Drupal Development Service: Get our Drupal-based CMS and obtain a complete control to manage, publish, and modify the content that is there online.

Our CMS-Specific Solutions

When it comes to Qdexis designated solutions for PHP CMS Development, we ensure offering the following:

CMS Website Development: We come up with a content management system that allows you to maintain and manage your site content effortlessly. You do not require technical knowledge. And it is possible to access content at anytime from anywhere. Feel free to edit, delete, and customize content or images in whatever way you feel suitable. We offer CMS template development, custom feature or plugin development, support to convert PSD files into CMS template, and on-demand and dependable support.

Custom CMS Website Design: A quality site is just a matter of artistic vision to us. It has a quite relative business goal. The quality of your CMS design decides the time period that your visitor spends on your site. Being a PHP CMS Development service provider company, we know the importance of design in delivery and business in projects. We provide responsive CMS site design, custom tailored design methodology, theme design for diversified platforms, and customized CMS theme design.

CMS Website Upkeep: We do not just create websites. We keep our long-term commitment to maintain them as well. By means of our CMS maintenance and support, businesses are able to manage their CMS sites with no technical fallacies. We have cost-effective solutions for maintenance and support, so there is no hit on your pockets. We render tactical and technical consulting, onsite and remote assistance, downtime support and maintenance, and enhancement support.

CMS Framework Customization: Qdexi offers CMS customization that allows businesses to get the best of custom website designs and CMS application backend functionalities. Our expert developers customize intelligently to provide you with a full control over your site. We provide plugin and theme customization services in Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, and Magento.

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