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Wondering From Where To Get Incredible Hybrid Application Service? You Need To Read This!

Mobile apps have become the key to take your business forward with the rising population of smartphone users unabated. The apps allow you to connect with your customers quickly as they are able to reach your business right from the screens of their tablets or smartphones, whenever needed. For a long time, you may have invested in native mobile apps; however, to gain a competitive edge in the market for your brand at lesser development overheads, it is a great idea to delve into Hybrid Application Development service.

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Benefits of Hybrid Mobile Apps For Your Business

A hybrid app is the one created with HTML5 and JavaScript; however, the app is embedded in a native web browser that allows the app to access diversified features of the native platform. The distinct benefit of a hybrid app is that you can use the app across different platforms, thereby saving the hassle of creating a separate app for each platform out there. This helps bring down developmental expenses as hiring a developer to develop an app for each platform is not necessary. A single developer can develop a single app that you can use across a variety of platforms using HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, which all devices support.

It becomes possible to provide customers a brilliant user experience with the finest user interface features and design enabling them to swiftly perform actions. Speed is the main attribute here, so you get a hybrid app that is fast performing and the one that network communication issues do not fetter. Hybrid mobile application development is highly suitable for businesses that strive to make great use of the core features of user's mobile devices or want to make their mobile apps accessible through app stores. Also, hybrid apps tend to work offline unlike native apps that work only with the internet connectivity. This makes it possible for users to access and work with the app by means of formerly stored and loaded data, providing them with much better, faster access to features and letting them use the app whenever needed saving on internet connection expenses.

Qdexi Offers All-Inclusive Hybrid Application Development Services

Hybrid apps integrate the best of both native and web applications. And we combine the tremendous power of HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3 to create and design hybrid applications using the recent frameworks, such as Appcelerator, PhoneGap, Sencha, and others. Get Hybrid application development service from us now!

Our hybrid application development expertise includes the following specialized areas:

  • Hybrid web-based applications
  • Custom hybrid application development
  • Hybrid multimedia applications
  • Hybrid m-commerce applications
  • Hybrid portability or testing
  • Hybrid utility applications
  • Hybrid app upgrade
  • Hybrid UX/UI design
  • Hybrid maintenance and support

The Way We Add Value To Hybrid Application Development

We ensure to add value to Hybrid App Development through:

  • Multi-platform or cross-platform development
  • Creating applications with the help of powerful HTML5, JS, and CSS3 languages
  • Improved access to the capabilities and features of a device
  • Awareness of open source platforms including Sencha, Adobe Air, PhoneGap, Appcelerator, Kendo UI, QT, and many more
  • Performing the download and installation without browsing
  • Highly interactive interface
  • High performance

Qdexi�s Methodology For Developing Hybrid Apps

Our agile Hybrid App Development practice blended with diversified technologies and features makes us the experts of hybrid applications.

Hybrid Application Design

We design wireframes and prototypes based on persona mapping and user journeys. We conduct thorough interviews with a number of users similar to your target audience to give rise to visually appealing user-centric designs, which are extremely engaging and invite downloads

Hybrid Application Development

After finalizing the designs, we do a quick application with the help of a single code base that is possible to deploy across platforms, thereby bringing the designs to life. Making use of a mix of frameworks and technologies, such as Ionic, Supersonic, Sencha, Appcelerator, Phonegap, and numerous others, we make sure that apps work smoothly on a number of systems and platforms including iOS and Android.

Hybrid Application Testing

We do full-fledged and immense testing of hybrid applications, design performance testing plans, conduct well-timed code reviews, debug issues, verify the performance of your apps, and tune the apps for maximum results. Our quality assurance team is well-versed with diversified tools and devices that save a great deal of time as well as expenses.

Hybrid Application Maintenance

We monitor your apps to make sure the optimization of performance at the time of peak load times. Using effective monitoring, we are able to mitigate the application downtime and optimize accessibility to end users. The maintenance plan that we use helps in focusing on central business goals with no periodic management of the application.

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