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HTML5 Web Development: Let Your Visitors Experience Your Brand

Qdexi Technology is a leading IT company providing top-quality web services in HTML 5 platform. We have a strong team of experienced developers helping clients all over the world looking for state-of-the-art HTML5 Web Development services. HTML 5 with all its incredible tools and features can provide interactive and secured websites that can work unhindered and fast in all browsers.

We use flexible and time-tested web development methodology to deliver top-quality HTML5 web development service solutions. We are equally expert in HTML5 mobile solutions. Qdexis expert HTML5 developers are focused on helping our clients in the best possible way. Our expertise ranges from developing simple blogging sites to highly complicated business applications. A confidential and quick analysis with immense data security is here for you only.

These days, internet users are interested in accessing their required websites and services from various devices like mobile, tablets, laptops, and desktops. With the increasing use of smartphones and tabs, people can access internet virtually from anywhere. So, it is necessary that a website looks good on all devices irrespective of their screen sizes. Our developers use the power of HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3 to ensure that your customers have the same experience in accessing your website from any hardware infrastructure. This is called a responsive website. We have a specific strategy in developing a responsive website for all clients.

Besides, our HTML5 Web development service includes UI widget development, Rich Internet application (RIA) development, hybrid mobile application development, etc.

Reasons For Choosing HTML 5 For Web Development

The following are the reasons why HTML 5 Web solution is considered be the best and why Qdexi prefers HTML 5:

Cross-Browser Support: The best thing with HTML 5 is that it supports all web browsers Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc.

Game Development Features: HTML 5 is technically advanced web development platform. Our developers can develop interactive games using the "canvas" tag of HTML 5. The games that are developed by our developers can be run on any platforms like mobile, computers, laptops, tablets, etc.

Cleaner Code: Another great thing about HTML 5 is that it allows the developer to write simple, elegant and clear HTML 5 code while scripting for web development. In HTML 5, the "div" tag can be removed, and semantic HTML 5 can be used instead of it. This helps the developer to write cleaner and neater code with maximum flexibility.

Audio And Video Support: One of the most significant features of HTML 5 is that it has an inbuilt capability to play audio and video. Thus, plugins are not required in HTML5 Web development. The audio and video can be accessed with the help of "audio" and "video" tags.

Elegant Forms: With the help of HTML5 Web development service, user can create fancier and elegant forms. It is possible to input various types of inputs, searching options and various fields in the web forms, as per the requirement. It is always a good experience for the website visitors, their interest increases.

Offline Application Cache Features: Another remarkable feature of HTML 5 is that it has offline application cache features. It allows the user to load the web pages that the user has visited even at the time when the user is offline. Thus, files can be loaded much faster on the server.

Geo-Location Facility: HTML5 also have a geolocation API. This API is used to determine the current geographical location of the user. In case your smartphone does not have GPS facility you can download a plug-in using any web browser which will allow you to set your location manually.

Drag And Drop Features: HTML5 also have an in-built drag and drop API. Thus, with HTML 5 you do not require to use a plug-in for drag and drop features.

Why Clients Choose Qdexi Technology?

We are easily communicable, we have proven expertise, and we are affordable. Clients want authentic service and true results. They get what they expect, so they choose us. Here are some unique reasons that can interest you:

  • We have the most agile HTML5 development and project management process, you would like to keep in touch and interact with our team.
  • We understand your market, we prove need-based solutions with optimum flexibility. That means even if your market features change, your online presence will remain equally effective.
  • We have HTML5 experts having years of experience in working in different HTML5 frameworks like SproutCore, Ember.Js, Angular Js, etc.
  • We provide a cross-functional team to work on HTML5 web development service, the team consists of web designers, digital marketing experts, market analysts, and HTML5 experts.

We offer our clients very professional environment where our experts remain dedicated to your service till it is done and delivered. We at first listen to your ideas, understand your business and market, and comprehend your IT requirements. Then, we hypothesize the most effective HTML5 web developmentservice solution to you. We strongly maintain deadline and update you time to time.

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