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The demands placed on games released into the market have increased geometrically as the gaming industry has grown into a strong, multi-billion-dollarentity. Consequently, choosing a game development agency for your game is crucial. Qdexi Technology is a top-tier game developer because of the quality of the games they produce and the low cost of their production process. As an online marketing agency, our staff of 300+ has worked on some of the biggest titles in the business for top publishers.

We are a game development studio; thus, we guarantee that we will meet or exceed your expectations while staying within your financial constraints with our Custom iOS Game Development Services. From initial concept through post-release maintenance, we will guide your project every step of the way. Additionally, we may provide extra manpower for your gaming studio to help them create more games.

Qdexi Technology - Custom Game Development Company

As a html5 game development company, we provide complete game development services, from concept to launch, covering every angle. We have been providing low-cost PC and console game development services to clients all around the world for some years now. We employ our extensive knowledge to create specialized gaming software. Learn more about what we provide in terms of game design and development below.

Video Games: We use the industry-standard Unity 3D game creation engine to build games from scratch and provide seamless maintenance, integration, Android Game Development Services, and coding solutions. To help our customers reach the widest possible audience, our engineers use the "create once, deploy everywhere" strategy across 25+ platforms.

Mobile App Development Services: Our mobile applications for iOS, Android, and other platforms are compatible with thousands of devices and can be adjusted to match any display size. Qdexi Technology has a team of qualified engineers that make engaging mobile games with cutting-edge 2D and 3D visuals, first-rate animation, and compelling gameplay. You can get mobile App development.

Design for Video Games: We'll offer you an edge in the market with our in-house staff of 2D and 3D technical artists, animators, and UX/UI designers. Using concept art, 2D design, and 3D modeling, we create realistic game character animations by modeling, texturing, skinning, rigging, rendering, and animating gaming assets via our tailored 3D game development services.

In-Development AR/VR/MR Games: With the aid of our skilled VR, AR, and MR developers, businesses are better able to communicate with their customers, while gamers are treated to a whole new level of visual and aural immersion. Our visual effects are fully responsive across all platforms and devices, maintaining their original quality and integrity.

Our Game Development Process

The team at Qdexi Technology can create prototypes and final games for several platforms, including smartphones, computers, and game consoles. We use atrusted approach and provide the best game development solution to improve the quality of our video game development services online. See how we go to great lengths to create games -

Analyzing the market need: We'll get in touch with you to discuss the status of our evaluation of your game concepts and our analysis of your niche's requirements. The SLAs will provide a definitive list of the final specifications.

Conception and Creation: The next step is to plan the game's infrastructure and create playable prototypes. We will provide the prototype to you for review. Once you give the green light or make any necessary adjustments, we'll go to work implementing the game's mechanics in code.

Testing: Once the game's beta is complete, our quality assurance engineers will examine each component of the codes and assess the project as a whole in terms of effectiveness, compatibility, etc.

Delivery: The game will soon be available on that system.

Maintenance and support: Finally, we help by providing full support and care to update and enhance the game as required.

Multiple factors contribute to our

Why Choose our Custom Game Development Services?

company's success as a video game developer. The most often mentioned examples are as follows:

Team Immersed in Game Development: Our 300+ person team is capable of producing really spectacular games with cutting-edge mechanics, stunning visuals, and well-thought-out structures. With our digital marketing services, our experts in both the creative and commercial sides of the video game industry, and we keep tabs on the latest gaming technology.

Agile Approach: We use an agile methodology that focuses on the final result and is built in stages. The development process is broken up into shorter periods called "sprints," during which our team focuses on building a single feature to completion. All this is the process for our Custom Game Development Services.

Varied Portfolio: Whether you're casual, hyper-casual, arcade, sports, action, RPGs, MMORPGs, etc., we've got you covered with our portfolio of over 500 spectacular games available on iOS, Android, the Web, AR/VR, and Windows.

Multiple Engagement Models: The production of video games is one of our many services. You may customize the game's engagement model to fit your project's needs and goals.

Flexible Communication: We modify the method of interaction based on your needs. We're available through your preferred method of contact, whether that's instant chat, email, or phone calls.

Accessibility: As a globally recognizedvideo game publisher, we've teamed up with corporations of all sizes, non-profits, and government agencies all around the globe.

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