Today almost every second person dream about becoming a successful entrepreneur. They join the race with their e-commerce website to match the demand of the customers. The only problem here is finding the right framework for the website as building it is not as easier as joining the race. It is a crucial task to choose the right framework for your e-commerce website. There are several things you need to keep in mind like cost, security, updates, customization, support, reliability, etc. before going for a particular framework. If you are looking for a reliable framework with the upgraded features then Yii framework is an ideal tool for you. To develop a website on the Yii, you may need to hire Yii development services from an experienced web development agency?

Why because they have more experience with the YII framework and it is the first time building an e-commerce website so, it better to let the professionals handle it. Readers who still have some doubts regarding the Yii framework then, here are some top advantages of Yii that might clear your doubts.

Topmost Features of Yii Framework


Before jumping on the advantages let’s read some top features of Yii framework to find out what makes this framework different from other.

The framework contains the model view controller (MVC) design

  •  Yii PHP framework supports the message translation, time formatting, interface localization, and time formatting which are necessary for an e-commerce website development.
  • This framework was designed to work on the third-party codes which means you can use codes from Zend and Pear framework in Yii.
  • It supports dynamic content, data caching, page caching, fragment caching and the mode of storing caching can be changed if required.

Advantages of Hiring a Yii Framework

advantages of Yii Framework

  • Cost is the prime factor

    When it comes to choosing a framework for an e-commerce website the very first thing a user will look at is the total cost. The main reason why many developers prefer using Yii is that it is an open source object-oriented framework which means the overall cost of e-commerce website and app will be lower. No expenses need to be made on license and entrepreneur working with the fixed budget can use this amount somewhere else.

  • Easy to install

    For a web developer time is money thus, they are not interested to work on a timeframe that takes like an eternity to install and run. The scenario is different with PHP Yii as it is easy to install and can be run without any much hassle.

  • Provide personalized experience

    As an entrepreneur, it should be your priority to provide the consistent experience to the customers. With Yii framework, you can develop rich and customizable e-commerce solutions to meet the needs of the customers. Yii comes with inbuilt plugins, components and templates that can be used to add more functionality to your online e-commerce store, inventory, payment gateway, currency acceptance and easy checkout.

Today, in this era of IT, there are hundreds of PHP frameworks packed with the necessary features and functionality required for an e-commerce task. You can either hire only PHP MVC development service or partner up with an experienced development agency which will give your start-up a backend support. You can try your luck with Qdexi Technology – a known name in the online marketing industry as a fresh start.