If you have ever searched for an article on search engines platforms like Yahoo, Google, and Firefox then there is a fair chance that you’ve come across a WordPress blog. The WordPress is an open source tool for blog creation, website creation, CMS and more. It offers a wide range of website plugins including both free and the premium one. In case if you are new to WordPress then you must be confused between free and premium WordPress plugins. But first of all, do you know actually know what is WordPress plugin?

The WordPress plugin is a software used to enhance the functionality of a WordPress website. Now, let’s go back to the free and premium plugin. The uses of plugins depend on the requirements of your website. To understand this concept, you need to know more about free and premium plugins. What are they? Their topmost features? And why you should go for them? A professional company who offers web development solutions can help to you understand the major difference between the both but in case if you do not want to go then read the following blog that covers all the above points.

Free Plugins

Users can use free plugins without any cost barrier. In other words, you can use plugins without any commitment, sounds cool right? But you need to know that free plugins come with the high level of risk. Various people use these free plugins to make their blogging websites more functional, while others use it to gain visibility in the eye of the WordPress community. In many cases, free plugins work just fine for your business website. It depends on the users whether they want to use it or not.

Features of Free Plugins

  • The free WordPress plugins come with various levels of code quality.
  • When it comes to supporting free WordPress do not serve well.
  • You need to update Free Plugins every once in a while.

Advantages of Free Plugins

If you have started experimenting with your website and want to save money on web development then, free plugins can work just fine for you. They are officially approved and are cheap to use. Free plugins are easier to use and unlike costly premium plugins, you can switch from one plugin to another in case if you don’t like it.

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Premium Plugins

The premium plugins are different from the free one and could only be reached through third party directories. They are paid comes with various features that free plugin lacks. The premium plugins come with better structure, documentation and are easier to use.

Features of Premium Plugins

  • The main feature of premium plugins is they come with full-time support.
  • The code quality provided by premium plugins are better than free plugins
  • The premium plugin developer makes sure to update it with the latest version of WordPress.

Advantages of Premium Plugins

The user who comes from a non-technical background actually does not know how to set things accordingly. The premium plugins help them to get rid of such problems. Free themes are common and there is a chance that several people have used it before you. So, it is better to use premium plugins for unique web designs.

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