Are you overwhelmed and confused with the availability of all the WordPress backup plugins available in the market? Well, it is indeed a difficult decision and you need to be very sure about the one you are choosing. After all, this plugin is going to protect the valuable data of your website. Regardless of the size of the business, it is imperative to invest righteously in the plugins of your website. Most people consider taking the WordPress development services from professionals and this is obviously the right thing to do especially when you have no complete knowledge about it. However, through this blog, we would help you choose the best WordPress backup plugins for your website. Let’s learn more about them.

Best WordPress Backup Plugins for Websites

  • Updraft Plus:

If we are talking about the backup plugins here, then “updraft plus” is ruling the current market. It is one of the top-rated plugins for the WordPress website. This plugin offers you the free version which contains all the necessary things for the entire setup of backup. You have all the options to set regular, manual and scheduled backup. It includes creating a backup for database, plugins, and themes as well. This makes it easier to restore your file without even having complete technical knowledge. There are multiple cloud storage options available for this and it includes Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. If you need an extensive range of features for this plugin then you can purchase the paid version.

  • Backup Buddy:

The backup buddy has been protecting the many WordPress websites for such a long time. The best thing about this plugin is that you can easily create the backup of your entire website in just a few clicks on the dashboard. It even allows you to schedule backup and sends them to some particular remote location. The backup buddy also has unique features to fix and optimize your database. The 1GB of free stash live storage keeps backing up the changes that are happening in your database. To integrate this into your website you can hire a professional web development company for your convenience.

  • VaultPress:

Another most powerful security and backup plugin are VaultPress. The availability of this plugin in the WordPress website keeps your data up-to-date. This plugin conducts the security scans on your website regularly. As soon as, VaultPress detects any kind of potential risk it immediately notifies you. The timely actions can be taken to deal with such threats. You can easily banish the malware with just one click. This plugin has now become part of Jetpack. Just install it with your website and select the plan you want.

Which one of these is the Best WordPress Plugin?

So, after learning about all these plugins, you must be thinking about integrating one of them on your WordPress website. You can’t afford to neglect it as it is valuable. Without any doubt, we can say that UpdraftPlus is a prominent plugin for every WordPress website.

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