Recently, we have got a new update of WordPress, version 5.5.1. This update has come with some amazing new things that are going to bring significant improvements in website development and maintenance. The new version of the WordPress has fixed 34 bugs and brought 4 useful enhancement. Adding to that, it has also fixed 5 bugs related to website development. Even the 19 outdated JavaScript localization objects have also been removed with this release. This means now anyone can make use of WordPress development services to create a perfect website using this popular content management system.

This blog will introduce you to this newest 5.5.1 version of WordPress. So, if you are not already aware about this then read further. Here you will also learn the benefits of using updating your existing website to this version. So, let’s get started.

What’s Coming New with WordPress 5.5.1?

The changes in the new version of WordPress was done considering the favor of utilizing new function available in the i18n release of the package that came with WordPress 5.0. A major change in the 5.5.1 release is inclusive of backfill for the deploring JavaScript global. This was creating so many troubles the major themes and plugins. Even the plugin and theme developer must update the use of wp.i18n. For now the outdate code will not restrict execution of JavaScript.

Undoubtedly, WordPress 5.5.1 was majorly released to enhance the overall performance of the WordPress website. Here is how you can update your website to this version. Moreover, you can also hire web development agency in the USA to manage this for you.

Step-By-Step Guide to Update WordPress to Newest Version

WordPress 5.5.1 version has the ability to fix the issues related to the incorrect XML sitemap pagination. This even adds to the environment of the site to debug the information. It improves the multiple features that deals with the defects. In order to update your WordPress version there is need to follow a definitive method that we are going to elaborate further:

Save WordPress XML File: For this you have to click on the tools icon available in the left sidebar and click on the export. After that you have to create one new folder on the hard drive. Here you can keep all the website files. You can name it backup files. You should create a backup once a week and this will make it easier to update the versions every time it is required.

Backup the Database of WordPress: If you have been using managed WordPress hosting platform then you have to access the dashboard for creating backup. However, if you are using shared hosting then its best to hire the web development services from the professionals for this. You can perform database backup utilizing plugins to fix and optimize the database. Make sure that you are not ignoring the WordPress updates as all of these come with security boost and hackers will not be able to hack your website.

Integrate FTP into Web Server: With this you can have copy off your server. The backups are of no use if the server crashes create issues. You can also backup files in the cloud. You will also have to download plugin, themes, etc. in your hard drive.

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