Do you have a WooCommerce store? If yes, then you might me familiar with the updating phenomena of the platform. Most of the time people consider taking the WooCommerce development services which is right thing to do. The updates enhance performance and bring required changes to WooCommerce. It is possible to update the version of WooCommerce both automatically as well as manually.

But in some cases, WooCommerce updates can break the website. All of the sudden you might feel customers complaining about the fluctuations happening on your store. If same kind of things are happening with you then it an indication that you have to hire the eCommerce development services from the professionals.

However, in this blog, we are going to talk about the simplest ways to manage the updates on your WooCommerce websites without any complications. It is important to keep in mind that WooCommerce has API which makes it highly compatible with multiple third-party and wide range of extensions. Let’s dive deeper into it.

How to Manage WooCommerce Updates?

Stop Considering WooCommerce as WordPress Plugin: If you think that WordPres is just another plugin of WooCommerce then it is something more than that. It is very sophisticated plugin with APIs and best compatibility with the extensions. You don’t have to treat it like an ordinary plugin. If you can’t use it well then its best to hire the web development services from the professionals

Stop Automates Updates: If WooCommerce is constantly releasing the flag for the minor updates then do not fall for it. Just go to the settings and disable the auto updates option. Also, keep one thing in mind that there is no need to Update Live WooCommerce store. There is one simple rule that you have to take extra precautions while updating your store. Therefore, you don’t have to update your WooCommerce store live.

Using Test Environment: If you really want to keep your store updated and want to consider the minor updates then its best test the updates using testing environment. Also you have to ensure that the complete test environment is similar to your WooCommerce store in all aspects. This way you can get clear idea about the performance of your test environment. If there are some issues then you can fix them immediately during the test environment.

Update on Staging: When it comes to staging then you will obviously run into some issues. If there is some kind of bug or threat then it is important to identify why it has appeared. This can be hard especially when you don’t have complete technical knowledge. However, if you are running eCommerce store then this can be even more complicated. This is why it’s best to rely on the experts to fix the errors.

Summing Up: Managing changes on the WooCommerce can be very complicated. If you are not a technical person and need professional support to manage the updates on your WooCommerce store then Qdexi Technology is one-stop solution for you.

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