When it comes to the e-commerce platforms there are several platforms you can choose from but sometime the decision could be hard to take especially for someone who has created a new e-commerce website. If as you ask the expert developers they would possibly suggest WooCommerce and Magento as both are major e-commerce platforms that can take heavy loads. But the confusion still remains what to choose between WooCommerce and Magento? As they only want to use just one of them. Therefore, they need to decide whether it will be WooCommerce development service or Magento Development Service? In the below blog post we are going to discuss these questions and explain the pros and cons of both platforms so, readers could choose the best platform possible.

The Overview of WooCommerce and Magento

woocommerce vs magento


WooCoomerce and Magento are similar platforms as both of them are open source and free versions. Along with this both are based on the PHP programming language and requires hosting to run software like WPEngine and Nexcess. Even though, there are few similarities in both platforms they are different from each other. Let’s take Magento for an example: – the Magento is a more complicated platform than WooCommerce which is also considered as just a plugin on the top of the WordPress software. Despite their similarities, both platforms are different due to their strength and weakness. So, without complicating things any further let’s start with the comparison between WooCommerce and Magento development service.

What is Magento?


Magento is the powerful open source platform that is built on the PHP programming language. The platform allows users to easily create an online store, manage inventory, and accept payment and more. The platform has the strong and free open source edition and also have a more powerful edition which either you can host by yourself or hire a cloud hosting to do it on your behalf.

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The Magento is by far the most powerful platform and can handle both small and large size e-commerce websites. The biggest difference between the Magento and WooCommerce is the Magento is featured a packed platform that makes it a powerful E-commerce development solution. To make it more clear let’s read further about its features.

The Pros of Magento

  • The platform is enterprise focused and comes with incredible scalability.
  • It has multiple versions with open source, enterprise, cloud and other products.
  • Comes with an MVC framework for better scalability.
  • It has strong B2B e-commerce capabilities.
  • It robust order management.

What is WooCommerce?

woocommerce development services

WooCommerce is a great plugin and actually the most used platform in comparison to Magento. It is a very useful tool in comparison to WooCommerce as it is a WordPress which means the user can use the benefits of the WordPress. The WooCommerce itself is the lightweight plugin ideal for websites looking for e-commerce sites comes with the large content need.

The Pros of Using WooCommerce 

  • The platform is great to get started with.
  • The platform cost less in comparison to Magento.
  • It comes with a lower learning curve.
  • The platform is great for websites like ebooks, podcast, etc.

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