E-commerce is in the development phase where you can explore technological changes with each passing year. No doubt that we have fortunate enough to get this advancement, especially when it comes to the best CMS platform. You must have heard about WooCommerce, Magento, Prestashop, OpenCart, but have you ever realize which is the best for your business or what will suit the most? NO Idea? Then, go through this blog, here we will discuss the special features of all these four with proper explanation.

WooCommerce vs Magento vs PrestaShop vs OpenCart: Introduction


WooCommerce (Self-hosted CMS)

This is an open source e-commerce plugin which is used for WordPress. For online retailers, it is surely a great tool. Those who want to make an online store on WordPress, can go with Woocommerce. The only thing you have to do from your side is “set up”. Once you have done it, then you can sell anything on the platform like services, digital products, bookings, subscriptions, and so forth.

Magento (self-hosted CMS)

It is one of the most popular and widely used open source e-commerce platforms. If you are thinking about what makes it most popular among entrepreneurs than it is its “flexibility”. True! It provides us with the greatest flexibility and highest level of control which is essential to make an online store. Apart from this, you can take care of other things too like recurring payments, discounts, etc. Magento platform is quite easy to use and it is highly scalable.


It is also a Self-hosted CMS. This platform is actually a newbie in the e-commerce market. It is quite simple to use and no prior web development expertise is needed to run this platform. This is a beautiful interface which offers various benefits to users like store management, handle reporting, product management, etc.  However, make sure you are hiring an e-commerce website development service for using this effective platform.


This lightweight e-commerce platform is easier to use as you can customize this platform as per the requirements of the business. With this CMS, you can manage your products, categories, gateways and so forth. And the best part is you can do all this from a single admin panel only without any hassle.

Comparison Among WooCommerce vs Magento vs Prestashop vs OpenCart

The basic comparison among all these four platforms can be done on any of the basis like Installation, SEO friendly, Pricing/Cost, Product Management, User-friendly, Pros & Cons, Return on Investment (ROI) and so forth. In this blog, we will do a comparison of the above-mentioned features to choose the best one for our business. Have a look:

Installation Process: WooCommerce vs Magento vs Prestashop vs OpenCart

WooCommerce Installation: The time taken for the installation of WooCommerce is very less. If you have little expertise in web development, then you can easily use this platform. The intuitive WordPress interface gives a wide variety of stunning themes which can be run practically any kind of theme.

Steps for the Installation of WooCommerce:

Step1: The first step is to log in the site of WordPress

Step2: Then you have to go to Plugins, then Add New

Step3: Now the search ‘WooCommerce’

Step4: Press Install Now

Step5: Choose Active Now and you are ready for the start.

Magento Installation: For the installation of Magento, you have to install Magento Software in your personal computer with the help of Setup Wizard. If you want to get more control on the Magento, then you can install command line, after the verification of the requirements of the system. Magento website development service provider help to make your installation process easier.

PrestaShop Installation: The easiest installation is done for the PrestaShop. It is just a ‘one-click install’. For the installation, you just require a web-hosting server which is having one-click installation script. The second most amazing benefit is you can locally install PrestaShop. With this, you can check for test changes, upgrades, local installation, modules which are associated with your live store. There are some tools which are provided with PrestaShop, that are XAMPP, WAMP (Windows), MAMP (Mac OS X). Not only this, you can install manually too.

OpenCart Installation: It is a stand-alone platform of e-commerce. There are basically two ways which can help you in the installation process. You can do it with the help of single-click script installer or manually. With the manual approach, you will get an array of options along with the feature of Customization. For that, you may need help from the professional’s developers who can help in the set-up manually. But, if you are going to choose the next option, then you have to make own efforts.

Pricing/Cost: WooCommerce vs Magento vs Prestashop vs OpenCart

  • WooCommerce Pricing

It is a free plugin which you can easily opt for your business. However, if you need an extended model, then you have to pay around $49 to $79. Where monthly charges of this platform are $5 to $100 hosting and $100 for the year.

  • Magento Pricing

It’s free community edition, but the enterprise edition licensing ranges cost from $22K to $125K on a yearly basis. For the cloud hosting, you can choose Magento 2 option which is called Enterprise Cloud Edition (ECE). It integrates the license and AWS-based hosting which is of the cost $40K to $190k on a yearly basis.

  • PrestaShop Pricing

Though it is a free of cost open source platform, yet if you are going to purchase add-one, then the overall cost is between $50 to $150/module.

  • OpenCart: Pricing

This platform is free of cost open source platform. You can download this software on your own. This platform work on the Core+Extensions model, which requires addons which performs several higher-level functionalities.

Customer Service: WooCommerce vs Magento vs Prestashop vs OpenCart

  • WooCommerce-Customer Service

Only limited customer support offered by this platform from WooCommerce development service website. From here, you can get support and assistance for all your issues related to the WooCommerce. Other than that, submit a support ticket on the counter of Woocommerce, as they are also there to provide their support. Or simply edit your source code and resolve your own issues.

  • Magento-Customer Service

This platform is backed up excessive user community. But wait! If you are going to take a paid version, then you can surely get technical support from the experts’ side. You just have to take benefits of paid or free educational courses. It will help you to understand the concepts and their special features in an easier way.

  • PrestaShop-Customer Service

Diverse User Community of PrestaShop come all together to resolve any technical issues related to PrestaShop. You can discuss upgrades too through the services and forums. Various plans come with PrestaShop but you have to pay some price for this. The least expensive plan on a monthly basis is $249 which is used for the three hours, or you can go with the plan of $399. For that, you have to take a minimum subscription of 1 year.

  • OpenCart-Customer Service

Users get support from the Dedicated commercial support which is given by the free community. These communities are active, free and you can get support from the developers, and representatives to answer your questionnaires. Three are two options which are provided by OpenCart dedicated support that is monthly payment and the second one is a one-time fix. For both the cases, you have to pay for $99 each. You can easily get the assistance and support on configuration, installation, bug fixing, troubleshooting and many more.

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