Designing a perfect website is the dream of every business owner but it is always a daunting process. The main motive behind creating a website is to provide incorporate relevant information in an intuitive and organized manner to the audience. Therefore, you should always put your business website in the hands of a professional website development service provider but how are you supposed to make non-designers to understand the layout, frame and flow of your website. During the website designing process, the map of the layout can help web designers to complete the project without any confusion. The sitemap is the map of your website that informs search engine about your website and inner pages details.

Why does Your Website Need a Sitemap?

The main purpose of creating the sitemap is to link your web pages so, the search engines can crawl it properly and discover aspects of your website. Plus, the sitemap can increase the crawling of your website if you are able to meet one of the following conditions:

  • Your website is so large that sometime, the Google web crawler will just overlook some of your recently added pages.
  • Your website has a large number of content pages that are not interlinked with each other then, you can add them into your sitemap to make sure Google will not overlook them.
  • Your website is new and does not have many external links. It has been witnessed that Google bot and other web crawlers crawl the website by following the hyperlinks on the pages so your website is new and do not have external links

Using a sitemap does not guarantee that all your web pages will be crawled. However, in many cases, the sitemap can definitely benefit your website.

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Why Should You Always Start with the Sitemap?

Here are some certain reasons why you should always start with the sitemap while creating a website.

  • It defines your purpose and goals

    Every business website has their own purpose and goals and site without them can often end up providing poor content, navigation and bad user experience. The visitors who mistakenly open up such website may end up asking themselves what are they even doing to this kind of website? You do not want the same for your website, do you?

    The sitemap can help you clarify the actual goals and objectives of the website before you start designing it. By deciding what you want from your business website can ensure every aspect of your website is designed to meet your goals.

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  • Avoid duplicate content

    Well, maybe the duplicate content is no big deal for yourself but for Google, it is waste of time to optimize websites with spammy content. If you have the sitemap ready, you can basically see if there are two web pages with the same web content.  Content Duplicacy can make you fall into the situation where the Google have to arbitrarily choose between two same web pages. Don’t let this happen.

  • Get everyone on the very same page

    It takes more than a web development solution to create a responsive website. There may be website designers, content writer, project manager and sometimes even more people are included in the process. The sitemap helps to keep everyone on the same page by providing an accessible format to all.