Do you know what is the latest trend in the website design? If you are about to say “one-page”, then my reader you took the words right out of my mind. While this new trend has become a buzz word in the digital marketing world many designers are not falling for them let alone using them for their website or adding them in the portfolio. Let’s have a clear view of the one-page design to learn why professional web designers hate to implement it.

What is the One-Page Website?

one-page website

One-page website (don’t confuse it with the landing pages) refers to a single-page website that uses single HTML page. The navigate on the one-page website allow visitors to scroll down the long page to land on the information they need. It uses CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, or Ajax to accommodate the navigation task.

Sound boring, right? So, what is the reason behind its popularity? The design is actually cool especially if you are offering a limited number of services but using this design, WordPress users are unsuspectingly walking down on the path that will take them to the destruction of their website.

Why Designers Hate One Page Website Design

  • It drains out all of the SEO efforts

SEO experts spend months working on one or two keywords for on and off page SEO and this really works because it provides a piece of quality content to search engine to match the keywords or phrases. It allows them to create impressive meta data, build quality links and increase page relevancy. This search engine marketing strategy worked for a decade.

Now, think about implementing the same strategy with the one-page website. An average web page has at least two to three target keywords but the one- page website has at least two to thirty target keywords. So, how on this earth you are going to optimize them all using a single web page? It is impossible.

Matt Cutts once said that SEO can sometimes work for the one-page. Yes! Sometime. So, gambling your entire SEO efforts on the one-page website doesn’t worth it.

  • It can confuse visitors

Most of the website visitors are multiple taskers and thus, they can easily get distracted by the minor things. To keep your visitors intact to the website, you need to build the navigation system easy to use. You cannot just expect your visitors to scroll through your cute web design to find the information they seek online. Even if they have to figure out how your small website work, then they might think it surely doesn’t worth the efforts.

  • Website owners are reliant on coders

At the beginning of this blog post, you have read about some of the development languages like jQuery, JavaScript, CSS3 and Ajax to make the fancy web page work. And in how many of those you have the proficiency? Zero? And don’t worry, you are not the only exception here. That’s why website hires custom website development service. Unfortunately, not all small businesses have enough fund to spend on the web development service. So, maintaining these small and fancy websites means relying on the coders, something small businesses cannot afford to do.

If you are a website owner and thinking about redesigning it, then take a step back, go through compelling web design trends and choose what matters your visitors and business.