Do you ever wonder why Node.Js is gaining utter importance in the web development world? Undoubtedly, the framework comes with ultimate benefits and it has already taken over the development of an enterprise portal. The entrepreneurs around the world are hiring web development services to utilize the power of this framework.

The sombreness of JavaScript can be evidently seen in modern web technology. It has been offering great libraries and frameworks for the creation of interactive and user-friendly interfaces.

In this blog, I will share some of the reasons why Node.JS has become one standard approach for the enterprise-scale web portal.

Significant Advantages Offered by Node.Js Framework

  • This is used for developing real-time and fast applications.
  • The framework makes it easier to code in JavaScript on both the server and client-side.
  • Improves the efficiency of the development process by filling up the gaps
  • The Node Package Manager (NPM) comes with multiple tools and modules to use. It further boosts the productivity of any project.
  • The execution of codes is faster than in other programming languages.
  • The framework is perfect for micro-services that are a popular solution for enterprise applications.

Why you should use Node.Js for Enterprise Applications?

Scalability and Performance

Node.Js has a strong architecture that is single-threaded and event-driven. This makes it easier to handle the different simultaneous connections perfectly. Whenever a new request is processed an additional thread is created by most of the web platforms. But with Node.Js, it can be simply operated. This uses a single thread for event loops and callbacks. The framework can easily handle the millions of concurrent connections.

Merging Node.Js with the Micro-service Pattern

Every enterprise project is expected to grow with time. This also raises the requirement to add new features in the web portal. The Node.Js framework can be very useful here. It allows you to add as many features as you want to improve the performance of your website. No matter how complex it is, the Micro-service pattern is the best solution for everything. You can hire enterprise portal development services for integrating the best features in it.

NPM (Node Package Manager) Enterprise

The NPM is also known as Node Package Manager is the best tool that allows developers to install, update and use modules as per their requirements. There is no need for developers to write down the codes for common features from scratch. The NPM has even released one latest Enterprise version for the package manager to fix the issues related to privacy and security. This is the major concern for most of the enterprises.

Building Cross-functional Teams 

There is a specific team responsible for the entire life-cycle of the application. The process consists of writing codes, hosting, testing, deployment, and maintenance support. The experts are responsible for creating these teams to work in relevant areas. Being one of the popular frameworks of JavaScript, Node.Js fills the gap between the work of front-end and backend developers.

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