Recently, I have found that there are several website owners who face indexing difficulties regarding their websites. Even after spending hours on the coding, design, content and optimizations they can get their website indexed on the Google. So, what is the reason they are not getting indexed? Where are they actually lacking? Does it only happen with my website? Do I have to hire seo services in USA to fix this? These are the most common questions that arise in people’s mind when they could not get their website indexed on the Google searches.

Now, the first thing they need to do is stop panicking. We know how bad does it feel when you put your sweat and blood to create a website and Google just reject it like it worth nothing.  One thing they should learn is to give at least three to four days to your new website to appear on the Google search.

You must be aware of the fact is the indexing process is long and lengthy but in the end it totally worth it. To get into the root of the problem let’s start with the basics.

How Does the Search Work?

How does Search Work

We have all heard that Google only accept and show the quality content on the result pages but have you ever given a thought how they actually determine what content is good and what is bad? Well to appear on the Google search the content have to go through several spiders, not a real one but SEO spiders. The spider starts with the link and after that, it crawls the content and in case if you have added another link through the keywords then the spider will crawl it too. The Spider keep repeating the process until they crawl all the links available on the page.

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So, if you want your new website on the Google then you need to make sure every page is crawlable. The Google use its personal crawler known as Googlebot. What you have to learn here? That you cannot exactly find out from the Google that why it is not indexing your website. Like SEO, the next thing you can do is analyse and give your best shot. Try to type on the Google to find out the indexing pages from your domain. But it is not compulsory for every page that appears on the Google search is crawled. You can leave it that topic for later.

Back to the topic try to give your new website or web pages couple of days or even weeks before panicking why Google is not showing up your website. Avail best knowledge about seo services.

Consider Following Steps for Website Check


  • Check the Robot.txt

    While crawling a website the first thing the Googlebot will check is the robot.txt to find out which pages are no index or no follow.

    The robot.txt tag that makes sure that certain page will not be indexed and will not appear on the search engine. The tag could be removed when your web page is ready to get indexed.

  • Are you pointing the Googlebot to redirect chain?

    Generally, The Google bot is patient to go through every link a do the best to read the available HTML tag on the page to index the website but when you set up a long redirect chain for the Googlebot, it will eventually stop looking and your website will not get indexed.

  • Maybe you have exceeded your crawl budget

    Google has thousands of spiders to run still there are millions of websites they are still waiting to get crawled. Therefore every spider that arrives on your website has the fixed budget. If your web pages have lots of redirect chain then the spider will run out of the budget even before reaching your new web page.

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