Wondering around in the digital world, you may have heard about the digital penalties by Google? But have you ever considered to know why your own website deserved to get penalized? There is one thing you need to understand – Google is on a mission to provide accurate information to its users. This is the reason why it introduced the concept of an algorithm update.

Unfortunately, on the flip of the coin, the penalty comes into the picture. This is punishment Google give if it finds your website overstepping the algorithms. It won’t dig further to find out whether you did it intentionally or unintentionally, it will just view and penalize your website affecting the whole traffic and ranking at once. However, even when you deserve the penalty, you want to do something about it. What many penalized webmasters do is hire digital marketing services in USA, contact an expert, redesign and re-add the content. In this hassle what they forget to do is recognize and resolve the root cause of the penalty.

How to Recognize a Penalty?

Penalties can be either manual or automatic. If you are manually penalized, then you will receive a warning in advance. However, if the cause is the algorithm, then the penalty can take you by surprise. To recognize an algorithm penalty, you can keep an eye on the following clues.

  • Your website is not appearing on the result pages when you are searching by the brand name. well, it is a huge clue that your website is facing a penalty. Even if your website doesn’t appear on many keywords, it should at least rank on its brand name.
  • Your page ranking has suddenly dropped from a respectable position to flat zero.
  • While making the search site: Your domain.com – shows no results.
  • Your business listing on the Google which was previously appearing by home page now indicates just a page.

If you are facing any of these clues, then it is pretty sure that your website is currently facing a penalty.

Why Google has Penalized your Website?

There are several reasons why Google decided to take this brutal step. When the majority of the time, algorithm updates are the main causes behind a penalty, Google rarely comes clean with all reasons for changes. Hence, fixing broken things like indexing, traffic and ranking can be tough.  While we are not claiming that we are aware of all the finite reasons behind a penalty, we can certainly suggest some factors that contribute: –

Buying links: Some SEO experts claim that it doesn’t happen anymore but the received evidence is mixed. Those who want to influence the page ranking in a short period of time often consider buying links. Although sometime it may work for you the penalty you will receive because of this will hit your hard in the core.

Duplicate content: This one is obvious to all of them who deals in content writing services in USA. Any duplicate content on the website make it less appealing in the eye of Google and often result in a penalty.

Overusing H1 tags: Structuring your website content can certainly help you with the SEO efforts. As the H1 tag can be considered as a way of informing about the web page, however, excessive use of H1 tag is often considered as an attempt to pump up Google’s listing.

In the end, hiring a SEO services providers to look after your website can certainly protect it from unnecessary harms.

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