If you have wondered from one site to another finding out which content management system will be the best for your business website then, there is a chance that you might come across WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. There are several blogs, articles infographics and several other posts describing their advantages and disadvantages confusing you more than ever. Clearing your confusion and leaving every doubt behind let’s start from the beginning. Similar to others, you may be looking for the comparison between WordPress, Drupal and Joomla to find out which one is the best for your website. You will be amazed knowing that after several surveys most of the customers voted for Drupal CMS development service. Well, here are some reasons why they have chosen this.

Every CMS has several advantages, right? So, why people consider Drupal over others? The main reason for this is Drupal turned out to be the most effective CMS in a long-term perspective. In other terms, Drupal has an amazing collection of modules allowing developers to make necessary changes. Whether you are looking forward to creating a blog, an informational website, E-commerce site or a fully grown community, Drupal can help you to do all these things without any issue. Let’s find out some more information about Drupal.

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Drupal is an Open-Source


Just imagine that Wikipedia would only be managed by only official editors. Now, you can imagine how many editors the Wikipedia have to hire to manage the content in hundreds of languages? Moreover, who can guarantee that these people have enough knowledge? The biggest advantage of Wikipedia that it is an open source which means anyone whether you are a beginner or expert you can share your knowledge with others. The same situation applies to Drupal, just like Wikipedia, it is also open-source. You don’t have to pay a single penny to use the software and there are several communities who bring more suggestion, changes and ideas on the table. In short, Drupal offers the best CMS development services at free of cost. Amazing, right?

Here are Some More Benefits of Using Drupal

Benefits of Using Drupal CMS

  • The quality is what we want!

    The Drupal have in-built rapid, robust and agile module just for web development. As mentioned earlier, it is an open-source which means various web developers from around the world can give suggestions or work to fix all issues and bugs that appear. It contains more than thousands of modules which a developer can use to add features on the website. Be it CRM, login modules, security, polls, SEO, backup or Lego blocks, you can add it all in your website. And this is not it, Drupal comes with the regular update making it easier for developers to take full advantages.

  • Cost of Drupal

    Another main reason why many developers go for the Drupal is that it can be installed without any hassle of paying recurring fees. Developers using Drupal can choose from a variety of modules and third-party integration depending on the requirement of your business website. It comes with a mark-up code which makes it easier to maintain the website content. Plus, the more complex the site is the less it is going cost with Drupal.

  • Security  

    Security is the main thing a developer look for while choosing a content management system (CMS) to protect the critical data. The Drupal is known for its solid security which safeguards the data from online theft. All you need to do is install the security patches and modules to make sure your website is totally protected. In the end, Drupal provides the best web development services for small businesses.