Ever heard about the social media marketing world? Well, it is an amazing event and more than just one-day experience for social media marketers. You need to witness it to appreciate it. Meeting the cutting edge global marketers is like a golden opportunity you receive once in a lifetime.

One of the marketers who has attended this year social media marketing event stated that “I was listening to these speakers for a long time but I have never imagined and was not prepared for the depth of the conversion. It just blew me away” and this year are just happy to return back. Social media marketing experts are very excited about the event and it is not just because of the networking opportunities they will find but the amazing transfer of knowledge from experts to global marketers. However, if you are re-thinking or having any second thoughts about this event, then here is the list of “can’t miss things” of the event. So, here we begin with-

Things You Missed in the Social Media Marketing World

First session #1: How to Create Engaging Stories

According to the published report of The Infinite Dial, in the year, 2018, Instagram is the only platform that has witness the user growth which certainly caught the eye of the marketers. If you are a marketer who is looking for an opportunity to target the specific users, then it is the one-stop platform for marketing. As the trend of Facebook has long gone and marketers are watching Instagram as an alternative opportunity.

Nowadays, beating everyone else Instagram stories are stealing the show. But how will you create engaging posts? Now, you wish you would there in the 2019 event when Sue B. Zimmerman was giving some mind-blowing tips on the Instagram posts.

Session # 2: As a Social Media Marketer How Can You Stay on the Top?

In 2019’s social media marketing world, Christopher Penn came to give some of the crucial tips that will help marketers to stay on the top. He is a great marketer who never hesitates to help young marketers with their marketing decisions. In the digital world, he is known as AI and Analytics wizard and as mentioned earlier he is happy to guide marketers. He might attend the 2020’s event as well so, try not to miss that one.

Session #3: How to Use the Chatbox to Create an Effective User Experience

You might be aware of the chatbox or probably using it on your own website but when it comes to using them to create an effective user experience you become John Snow. You know nothing! Dana Tran the Chatbox expert attained 2019’s social media marketing world and gave some effective tips about the Chatbox Optimization.

In the end, don’t let the things you have missed due to the delay to affect your website optimization and conversions. Book your ticket for the 2020 event in advance! However, if you are searching for an experienced digital marketing agency for guidance and support, then visit Qdexi Technology today. The website has a team of highly qualified and experienced experts who work day and night to deliver effective internet marketing solutions at an affordable price.

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