Have you witnessed something new on your Facebook feeds? Something different? Anything? Well, you have already figured it out then, congratulation! You are a true Facebook user. The newly added feature you are witnessing in your news feed is called “Why Am I Seeing This Post?” and the Facebook broke the news about this on Sunday.

This new feature is designed to allow users to see why a certain post is appearing on his or her news feed. Experts say, it will surely be going to affect the ranking. This is also the very first time when Facebook has directly built and implemented the information into the application that define how Facebook’s news feed algorithm work. And the story doesn’t end here, Facebook is offering a drop down menu with personalized controls to users that give them more access over the platform. This news came as a shock to the social media marketing experts as the company was never this transparent or opened about its ranking algorithm.

How Does it Work?

New Facebook Feature

You must be curious to know how “Why Am I Seeing This Post” work, right? Well, it doesn’t involve any rocket science so it will be easy to learn how it works. As a user, you can access “Why Am I Seeing This Post” through the drop-down menu which is at the right-hand corner. Once you click there an information page will open and show the following information:

  • Why a particular post is showing on your news feed – for instance, it will show if the post is from the friend, group you participated.
  • Which factor has the greatest influence over the ranking of posts, such as:
  • How much time you spend time interacting with the posts from people, group and pages.
  • How often you interact with certain posts like links, video, photos, etc.
  • The popularity of the posts shared by your friends, family, group, and pages you follow on the platform.
  • Shortcut controls that allow users to unfollow, prioritize news, see new preferences and maintain privacy.
  • Apart from all these, the company is also offering the insights of the ranking of posts to provide more than just the transparency around the news feed.
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Update to “Why Am I Seeing This Post?”

Update to Why Am I Seeing This Post

With this new Facebook feature, users can get more information about the ads shown on their news feed when the information on advertiser’s list matches your profile information. Facebook has also announced that its developers are still working on the features to make a further improvement.  Apart from the advertiser’s information, Facebook will also let users know when an advertiser has updated user’ contact information such as email address and phone number.

Facebook has taken this step to control the misuse of the users’ news feeds to spread fear and terrorism. The action has been taken after the recent shooting incident that took place in New Zealand mosques where the shooter lives streamed the entire incident on Facebook. Apart from this Facebook was also charged by the US Department of Housing and Urban developing for avoiding and violating the Fair Housing Act. For now, what you can do is prepare your marketing campaign with the help of professional social media optimization service to face the change.