In the last blog, we have studied some builder platforms which are widely used to make unique Websites. However, the list is not yet over. In fact, there are many other platforms which still need our attention. Curious to know what are those models? Then read this blog. Here, we will explore some more website builder platforms. But don’t forget, if you are not taking the help of the best web development services for your business model, then you can’t make a compelling website. Hence, make sure you are opting for affordable website development service for business.

Weebly For Website Building

Another Website Builder Platform which is widely used is The interface of this platform comes with its nice features and also the user to do editing on the website as per the choices. Even, there is no need to go through learning coding or programming skills. It also benefits the user with many special features like:

Pros is a fully hosted platform, that means there is no need to install and configure any software package with it, however, if you see in WordPress it is required. The digital company makes sure that all the software, micro functions and hosting process runs by the backend team. So, in case if you find any difficulties while proceeding your process, you can call at the customer care number directly.

This platform also helps to build e-commerce websites as it offers you with built-in support. It allows making live your website in a very short period of time. You can also add gorgeous designs to this platform.

Along with the above features, it also allows you to add sliders, contact forms, photo galleries, etc. by default. For that, you need not to go through complex coding or skills, in fact, it is quite simpler to use.


This platform offers limited features which is one of the drawbacks in the fast-moving world. However, you can’t even hire any developer to resolve these issues.

Weebly charges about 3% commission which is higher than other platforms. But, you can avoid this commission by upgrading to the business model.


The basic plan of this platform is free of cost and it actually not use while developing a website. However, if you go for paid plans then it’s basic plan ranges 8 dollars per month and pro plan costs 12 dollars per month. Plus, the Premium Plan costs 25 dollars per month.

wix website building platform

This is also one of the most popular cloud-based platform which is widely used to make a website. Though it is not a software application. It is simpler and easy to use. However, if you take help from customer focused website development service provider in Canada, then you can see fasten improvement in a nick of time. Furthermore, It offers you a wide range of features like


It is a pre-hosted platform which is managed by Wix itself that means end users need not to go through any hosting process on his server. This platform gives you various in-built templates, layouts which you can easily use for making your website. Plus, these templates are easily customized by using drag and drop option.


  • Advertisements are shown continuously if you have taken Free plans, which is a headache for users.
  • When you will shift your website from to other platforms, then the whole process looks quite complicated.


Around 9.5 dollars per month will take for the paid plan of this platform. Adding to that, you have to pay 15 dollars per month for its combo plan.

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