Drupal is viewed as more scalable, extensible, and flexible compared to various other content management systems. Besides availing its basic features, a developer can extend Drupal when he uses various modules. In spite of being open-source, Drupal development service has been consistently evolving for simplifying the development of web applications and meeting fresh trends of web development. Since the time Drupal 8 was released in the year 2015, many people are perplexed whether they should update their website of Drupal 7 or migrate to the latest, which is Drupal 8. The remarkable thing is both have pros and so, the matter of choosing only one has turned pretty difficult for people.

Factors That Make Drupal 7 Different from Drupal 8

  • New theme engine – People find Drupal 8 to be with a fresh theme engine; Twig. It is a PHP-based theme engine that makes the process of writing templates easier for the programmers.
  • Text editor – Drupal 8 is found with a novice text editor, CKEditor and this feature was not present in Drupal 7. CKEditor is a strong visual editor of HTML and it allows users to profit from many WYSIWYG editing functions that were previously accessible to the desktop-based software applications only, like MS-Word.
  • Field types – You will find Drupal 8 to be supporting many novice field types, like email, date, reference, link, and telephone. These field types turn it smoother for a programmer to include novice fields and for this; he doesn’t need to define the field types.
  • Fast edit module – When developers were using Drupal 7, they suffered from a shortage regarding options for editing content from the frontend of the website directly. However, Drupal 8 is found with a novice module; quick edit. This module makes it easier for users to make alterations to the content from the frontend of the website directly.
  • Responsive images – When developers were using Drupal 7, they needed to utilize image styles for resizing images based on the size of the screen. Contrarily, Drupal 8 permits developers to select from various styles for every image.
  • Core multilingual modules – Developers use many modules while evolving multilingual websites in Drupal 7 but Drupal 8 does accelerate multilingual site development by adding 4 key modules.

The remarkable thing is Drupal development service is on a continuous rise for meeting the evolving trends. For example, Drupal 8.1 does accelerate web application testing as it permits users to mechanize JavaScript testing. Similarly, developers can also use Drupal 8.4 which is found with many fixes and enhancements. However, Drupal developers must be mindful of the features of Drupal development service that make Drupal 7 different from Drupal 8 before upgrading their present websites.

The elements capable of influencing the benefits and risks for both scenarios

  • Present D7 setup
  • Scope of forthcoming improvements
  • Complexity and quantity of data
  • Projected lifetime of current website
  • A budget which involves the availability of money and time
  • Standalone or completely new project

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