Thinking about creating a website or mobile application is an easy task but actually developing it from scratch is something that is very hard to achieve. In the majority of the development cases, you have to recreate the features you have already done thousand times which is quite similar to reinventing the wheel, sound tiring, right? Worry not, PHP frameworks are here to help. They actually work as a lifesaver by providing you with the basic foundation you can work upon.

There are thousands of available frameworks in the market for the website purposes which can be overwhelming for a developer as he has to check each of them before settling down with the best. To make things easier we have prepared a list of the best PHP frameworks for the web development professionals.

Brief Introduction of the PHP Framework and Why You Should Use Them



In the web development world, the term “framework” refers to the libraries of a file that comes with the basic functions. The main objective of a framework is to provide the foundation on which a developer can efficiently build his PHP project. Most of PHP frameworks are built upon MVC pattern and require PHP development service to properly optimise them.

Now, when you have found out about the PHP framework the remaining question is why you should use them? Let’s take an example to understand this. Imagine you are planning to prepare a dish. You would buy the required ingredients to prepare it in a specific way, right? But to do it you have to access the same basics like cutting board, pan and pot. Here these basics serve like a framework and without them, you have started from the very beginning. As mentioned above, frameworks stop you from reinventing the wheel again and again.

Top PHP Frameworks for Web Development


If you are not familiar with the PHP frameworks then, you must know that each framework comes with a unique set of features. Here are some of the top PHP frameworks you can use for carrying forward the web development process.

  • Laravel

Whenever we talk about PHP frameworks, one of the names that come on the top is Laravel development. This particular PHP framework is known for its elegant syntax which is easy to learn and use. With Laravel, you can easily work on your development projects. Apart from you do not have to start from the beginning as Laravel give you direct access to the functions like session management, caching and user authentication. In short, Laravel is the package filled with functionality, you will require to build a PHP application.

  • CodeIgniter

The second name of the list is CodeIgniter which is also a PHP framework based on the MVC pattern. If you are a beginner and know nothing about the frameworks then, CodeIgniter development can be an excellent choice for you. Plus, the framework comes with the documentation which means you don’t have to start from the basics.

  • CakePHP

CakePHP framework is one of the most popular PHP frameworks used by professional developers. The CakePHP development services hit the market in 2000 and with the changing time, new versions have been introduced to further improve the functionality. The CakePHP comes with the amazing libraries which are helpful while developing a website or mobile application.

In the end, the choice totally depends on the needs and requirements of your development projects.

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