When it comes to creating an online e-commerce store, the very first thing that comes up in people’s mind is “Magento”. Being one of the best platforms for developing online stores, Magento has great advantages that never fails to amaze developers and differentiate it from other online e-commerce platforms. The main reason behind the popularity of the platform is the speed as it is known for loading hundreds NO thousands of products in a very short period of time. Although the platform has gained popularity among the e-commerce website developers, there are many out there who are living with a misconception that Magento is a slow platform.

Those who have hired the best Magento website development service provider in the USA have experienced the speed and accuracy of the platform. In this world of digitalization and cut-throat competition, it is essential to make the correct and effective position of your e-commerce store to capture the wondering eyes of the visitors.

Magento: A Platform for an E-commerce Store

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There is no doubt to state that Magento has its own fame in the world of e-commerce websites. You can figure out the popularity of the platform from the fact that it covers the largest number of e-commerce stores on the web including those who have positioned themselves on the Alexa store. This indicates that top websites have chosen Magento as their primary development platform. This is enough to know that you can consider this platform for an e-commerce store.

Difference between Magento Community Edition and Magento Enterprise?

It is quite common to see, developers getting confused between Magento Community Edition and Magento Enterprise as both are the different editions of the Magento that are functional and complete. However, what actually differentiate these editions is the level of functionality and websites or stores they are designed for. The utmost features of both platforms are:

Magento Community Edition: As you know that Magento is an open-source platform that can be easily used without any limitations. Its edition name indicates the “Community” which further defines that platform is specifically designed for the community. In nutshell, any developer around the world can download the community version to develop features and function-filled e-commerce stores.

Magento Enterprise: Now, unlike the above community version, the Magento enterprise is particularly designed for companies and businesses. Although the edition shares the same base as the community version, it has a different set of advanced features that were missing from the community version. All the additional features of the enterprise version are directly linked to the functionality of the websites you will create. Through this version of Magento, users can incorporate speed, support, and customer service.

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What Makes Magento Different From Other Platforms

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Right before anyone opts. for the “e-commerce website development services for small business”, they want to know what actually makes it a unique platform. Well, Magneto may seem quite expensive from the development point of view but as expert say quality comes with the price. Unlike other development platforms, Magento is particularly designed for developers and offer more functionality than any other platforms.

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