If you have roamed around the internet searching for the most suitable content management system then, you may have come across the never-ending discussion in between Drupal, WordPress and the Joomla. But the question remains the same? Which CMS development service is the best? Well, every CMS whether it is WordPress, Joomla or Drupal have its own advantages and disadvantages. One cannot take the place of other. In this below post we are going to focus on the Drupal and explain what makes it a better CMS platform.

Drupal: The Best CMS Platform

drupal development services

When it comes to comparing some of the top CMS platforms, Drupal is turned out to be the best one from the long-term perspective. The simple yet amazing features and collection of the modules of the Drupal allow users to develop any sort of website. Whether, it is a blog, informational website, social website, brochure site or an e-commerce website, you can develop almost everything with the services for Drupal development. Let’s dig further to know more about the Drupal.

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Drupal: The Open-Source Platform


Do you know the actual meaning behind the term “open-source”? Let’s take the example of Wikipedia to understand this. The Wikipedia is run and managed by certified writers and editors that share the same work environment. Now, what is the guarantee that these people have enough knowledge and skills to cover all the information that is required to cover a topic in multiple languages? That’s where the role of open-source comes in.

The Wikipedia allow experts to share information on the topic they are specialized in. Even if you are an expert writer and want to share something about an unusual topic then, you are welcome to do it.  The same thing applies to the open-source platform. You don’t have to pay anything for using the software and in case you notice something is missing then you can edit it.

Top Benefits of Using Drupal Platform

Benefits of Drupal Platform

  • Quality matter the most

    Drupal comes with the robust, rapid and agile modules that are specially designed for the web development. As mentioned earlier Drupal is an open source platform which means developers from all around the world can work to fix the emerging issues and bugs in the system. The Drupal comprise more than thousands of modules which allow the user to add more features to their blogs and websites. Now, what you can add? If you need you can add CRM, login modules, polls, security, backup, social media and SEO in your website.

  • Cost is less

    The Drupal is 100% free which saves a lot of money, the money you can invest in CMS development service to further modify your website. Drupal has lots of modules and third-party extensions from which you can choose whatever you want to develop your website. Plus, the platform comes with the clean markup codes which makes it much easier for developers to manage the published content.

  • Reliability and scalability

    The Drupal is a more reliable CMS platform. According to the survey Drupal 7 was adopted by more than 100000 websites over the last 6 months. This represents that more and more people are trusting Drupal with their website. It is the framework that can do wonders on your website.

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