We all are aware of the fact that SEO is all about understand your website, content and your potential customers. Before going in deep you need to understand the factors that affect the traffic and visibility. You need to understand in order to understand the search engine optimization you have to start from the internal linking. Qdexi Technology offers the best SEO service in the USA that can help you to generate quality internal links.

The internal linking is not a big part of the SEO but it surely play a huge role in visibility and traffic of your website, if you get it wrong then you are surely going to mess up with your efforts and even your ranking as well. You must know that content and links are two factors that can make or break your online appearance.

What Makes Internal Links so Important for SEO?

When we talk about the internal links we are totally focusing on the links inside the website linking to another page. Essentially the main purpose of the internal links is to interconnect web pages so the visitors can easily from page to page without going back to the home page again and again. Today, internal links are treated much differently than external links. However, this doesn’t mean that internal links do not have the capability to help your business website to rank higher on the search engine, modify the crawl patterns and reshape how your visitors view your website. Let’s take an insight tour to understand the role of the internal link.

  • The anchor text:

    The anchor text is an important part of the internal text. Unlike external links, the internal links should have properly optimized the anchor text. The long tail anchor texts are helpful for both online crawlers and users who click on the text to view more details. In order to make sure the Google show the right product page you need to interlink the anchor text to the relevant pages. While putting the internal links you need to make sure they are as natural as external links and point toward only relevant pages.

  • Location of the link:

    The location of the link matters the most in regards to the effectiveness of the link. Putting the link in the first or last paragraph can actually cause some major problems. These stems are highly disliked by the Google. In the beginning, people used to stuff the keyword they want to rank in the footer and interlink it to make it rank higher. To stop this the Google introduced the algorithm updates that penalize such attempts.

    Apart from the above if you practice the keyword stuffing, you will notice that the ranking of your website has suddenly started dropping and now it rank lower than ever. In this scenario, you need to realize the google has penalized your website. You need to remove the extra keywords to reverse the effect that it! If you are still could not rank on the search engine then it’s time to switch your SEO service.

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  • The linked page:

    It is important to look after the link page where you are redirecting your audience.

  • Relevancy of the link:

    The relevancy between your internal links is important as Google can identify the relations between your pages. For example; – You have linked the mobile phone page to the mobile phone accessories it is great as they are relevant to each other while on the other side if you have interlinked the mobile page to the car parts then it is really bad.

To create the effective internal links you can take help from Qdexi Technology, the best search engine optimization service in the USA. They have a team of SEO experts who will help you to generate the internal links which will increase the overall SEO results.