The backlinks in off page seo play an important role. If you have just started learning SEO the first thing you may hear is “backlinks” or “incoming links”.  In this blog, you will learn about the backlinks and why they are important for search engine optimization services in the USA. The famous search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing use the backlinks as a vote of approval from one website to another.

As a beginner, you should know that backlinks are not easy to get but once you establish the strong incoming links from other websites you can catch the eye of the search engine platforms. The more quality backlinks a website have the higher it will get on the Search engine result pages.

What is the Backlink?

The backlinks refer to the link that points from one domain to another. The backlinks are also known as incoming links as they direct the customers from one page to another. If you ever are given a thought about the domain then you will find that the internet is nothing but a collection of domains. A few years back the backlinks act as a vote of trust, pages with loads of backlinks tend to rank higher in the search engines but things have changed after 2000 when Google introduced the algorithm update. Now the number doesn’t matter anymore what matters the most is quality of the links. Before jumping to the importance of backlinks in the off page SEO you need to learn about the common terms related to the backlinks:

  • Link juice: – The link juice refers to the values of the hyperlink in the particular webpage. The link juice help with the ranking of the article and the domain authority.
  • No-follow links: – No follow links are those links that come with no-follow tags. The no follows links are not helpful for the website it has linked to.
  • Do-follow links: – Links that pass the link juice are the do-follow links.
  • Linking root domain: – Link root domain refers to the number of backlinks who have received from the unique domains.
  • Low-quality links: – the low-quality links are those links that come from irrelevant or spam. Such links can harm your website. So, be careful while buying backlinks.
  • Internal links: – Links that are used to go from one page to another page within the same website or domain are known as internal links. There is a great importance of internal links in seo.

Importance of Backlinks in the SEO

Before starting with the importance of building quality backlinks in the seo, you should know that so much has changed since the introduction of the Google algorithm, especially after the Penguin algorithm. Before the Penguin updates, the Google used to rank websites who has loads of backlinks. Later the Google found out that several websites are using low-quality backlinks from spam websites to rank higher on the result pages. To stop this they have brought the Penguin algorithm now only those websites will rank who have the backlinks from the quality websites.

Now let’s take a quick look at what role quality backlinks play in the SEO.

  1. Improves the organic ranking
  2. Bring more organic traffic to the website
  3. Faster indexing

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