Ever heard about the term “SSL certificates” No! This is the reason you have come again on this blog to learn about. As we know with the evolution of the internet has increased the chances of the online thefts. Hackers have become immune to the firewall and developed new techniques from their experience to break into the system. This danger has increased the demand of the solutions for better protection of the website.

To decrease the rate of cyber-attacks, organizations like Google are encouraging websites to follow the HTTPS protocol that ensures the data you are exchanging from your computer is secure. With each passing year, the safety measures are becoming more rigorous. After the release of Chrome 68, the Google has decided to mark website with SSL certificates? Here comes the question, what is the SSL certificates and what is the importance of HTTPS for web developers? Well, we are about to find the answers to both questions.

What is the SSL Certificate?

what is ssl certificate

The term SSL stands for the Secure Socket Layer certification which is available for websites for a last 20 years. Having the SSL certification on your website ensures that data you are sending will be transferred over the secure network. Despite the advantages of SSL certification, many business websites still hesitate to invest in it just like they used to do with the web development solutions. We understand that end users have delayed due to the price and complexity of the overall implementation but they need to see the better side. They should know that it is a one-time business investment that will secure their data and protect it from unwanted snoopers.

Is it Important to Have the SSL Certification on Business Website?

Importance of SSL Certificate

After the whole paragraph if you still need the convincing to adopt the SSL then, here are some undeniable reasons to have the SSL certificate on your business website: –

  • Site security

First thing first, SSL certification will provide the security to your website data including all the data you transmit through it. This involves signup details, login details, payment information, personal details, address, etc. The SSL certification will protect all this and stop hackers to misuse this information for their personal benefits. This makes SSL certification worth adding in the website development strategies.

  • SSL ensures the trust factor

Another benefit of using SSL certification on your website is it will help to build the trust factor among online customers. Your website will show the security padlock right beside the address bar. This will directly indicate that the connection is secure and they can share the detail without any fear. If your website doesn’t have the SSL certificate then, some user will label it as unsafe.

  • SEO advantages that come with it

Another advantage of adding the SSL certificate to your website is SEO increase in the ranking factor. Sound tempting, right? After all, this is what you desire. The HTTPS is initiating everywhere and Google is rewarding websites with the SSL certificates. In addition, SSL will give you an advantage over the competitors.

So, what are you waiting for? Acquire the web development services from the Qdexi Technology and implement the SSL certificate today.