There is no doubt that Yii is one of the best frameworks you will ever come across with. If you are looking for the simple, excellent and efficient framework without worrying about long coding for your website then I suggest you go along with Yii development service. Now, there must be some readers on the post having the second thoughts about the framework. Well, for those I have a suggestion that popularity doesn’t come that easily. The framework must have certain usable features to get popular in the online market. Let’s get the root of the features that makes YII the best framework.

Why Yii Gaining so Much Popularity in the Market


The main reason behind the popularity of the YII is its flexible nature which allows developers to embed third-party codes. The Framework was developed by the Qing Xue, based on the PHP YII is another framework of MVC. Although PHP is known for its top frameworks like Laravel, Phalcon and Symphony and from this prospective YII are relatively new.

As mentioned above this open-source framework was developed on the PHP5 and known for creating large-scale web applications. However, it doesn’t matter whether it is a small or large scale projects YII is ideal for both. You can use it to develop various type of web applications including the forum, web apps, enterprise portals, social media website and the list goes on.

Main Features of the Yii

Features of Yii Framework

Before moving ahead to hire PHP MVC development solutions, it is better to know about the basic features of the YII framework. What attracts developers toward this framework is its amazing features like authentication, DAO, MVC, role-based access control, catching support, security standard and so much more. Even after containing all these features the framework is still light weighted. Now, the list of YII features doesn’t end here. The YII framework has some other characteristics which make it a hot topic in the market. Here is the short overview of those characteristics.

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Performance: – If you compare the YII with other frameworks then you may find that it has better performance than others. The total number of requests the framework process per second indicate its high performance.

  • Model View Controller design pattern

    The YII is known for adapting the web programming architecture known as model view controller design. The MVC separate the business logic from the user interface which makes it easier for developers to work on one part without affecting another one.

  • The data access objects (DAO)

    The data access objects provide API to easily access the data stored in the database management system (DBMS). The main advantage of this is one can change the underlying DBMS without making any complex changes in the codes to access the stored data. Through this, a developer can avoid the long and tiring job of writing SQL. With the YII they can easily develop the database in term of objects.

  • Authentication and authorization

    The YII framework comes with inbuilt authentication support along with this the authorization allows web developers to make development efficient yet simpler to design.

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