Web development and Android development are two of the most rapidly growing employment fields for programmers. Both web development agencies and Android development agencies demand various abilities, operate in diverse markets, and have a wide range of applicability.

Recognize the Differences Between Web and Android Development

  1. Coding, creating, and operating web apps and websites are part of a website development service. A skilled Web Developer should be able to design and construct a user-friendly website that is simple to navigate.

Android application development entails the creation of mobile applications. The developer will be responsible for creating applications for Android smartphones.

  1. Steps to Learn

 Web Development

1: Choose between Front End and Backend Development as your area of interest.

2: Front-end developers should know:

  • Using HTML to design the layout
  • Using CSS to style your website
  • Retrieve requests, answer them, and assist with interactive elements like music, video, and photos.
  • Responsive designs, which allow web pages to adjust to the device
  • Version control solutions like Git and GitHub should be used as well.

Backend Developers:

  • Programming languages like Java and Python
  • NodeJS and other server-side frameworks
  • SQL and NoSQL Database Systems, such as MYSQL and MongoDB, for storing, retrieving, and updating data.

3: Understand HTTP protocols and deployment tools for transferring files/data to and from a server.

DevOps training since it allows a single team to implement the whole Application Development Lifecycle.

Android Development

An android developer is someone who creates apps for the Android platform.

Basics of android development:

Java SDK

Knowledge of any programming language among Java/Kotlin

Android UI Design

Advanced skills:


Knowledge about Database Systems

Design applications around UI, cloud message API, and continuous integration.

Difficulty Level: Front-End Because you must keep track of the data processed in addition to storing and preserving the data, web development is slightly easier than backend web development. In general, web development is less difficult than android development.

Career Opportunities: The global mobile app development market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 14%. (2016-2022). Similarly, by 2024, Web Developer job prospects are predicted to increase by 25-27 percent. As a result, the demand for both technologies continues to grow. However, because learning web development is easier, web developers face stiff competition. Android developers are in higher demand due to their lower numbers than web developers. Overall, developers experienced in both android and web programming will be in high demand because it will provide them with a lot more employment prospects in both industries.

 Salary & Future Advancements: Web development agencies offer a range from 5 LPA to 27 LPA, based on experience and expertise in the field. Android developer salaries are also in the same ballpark.

Learning Curve: Both website development services and native Android app development services provide excellent learning opportunities. Web development teaches us languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, as well as frameworks like ReactJS, AngularJS, and server-side frameworks like NodeJS. In Android development, you will have the opportunity to learn and implement programming languages such as Java, Kotlin, and others. Any form of software development process necessitates knowledge of Git and GitHub, as well as database management systems.