Many website owners find it difficult to keep the pace with the web development trends as it is a fast evolving field. It is barely two weeks of the New Year without any much changes in JS framework but just because they are not making a move yet doesn’t mean that there will be no changes. Staying relevant to the ongoing and upcoming web development trends are crucial for the success of a business. If we look back in 2018 then, we may find that lots of things have changed in the last twelve months in the term of visuals, popularity, and algorithm update. A website that looks modern and up-to-date could look cheesy and outdated in the next few months, all thanks to the website development services. Hence, it is necessary to understand the difference between the new tend and passing fad while developing your website. So, it will look great for the next several years.

The Most Promising Web Development Trends of 2019


Are you a web developer? If yes, then, this year is going to be long and very promising for you. As 2018 brought some of the long-awaited updates to the web technologies, developers are expecting more from 2019. According to the prediction, the 2019 trends include new and improved UI, new features with the JavaScript, typography for web content and possibly new ways to set responsive website architecture for SEO benefits. This is just the expectations, web developer wants to witness this year so, buckle up to know about the trends mentioned below.

Push Notification

There is no doubt that push notifications are the most popular trend nowadays which is becoming more popular with each passing day. This web development trend in the technology started out as a simple way to encourage customers to take action but now it has become much more than that. This is an ideal update for the mobile applications and can give an advantage in the competition. When it comes to the implementing it in the web application there are two ways you can do it. First one is to sign up for the push notification and second is to simply get a plugin for yourself. In short, it is the ace card you can use to beat the competitors in the market.

Mobile friendly web designs

We are all living in the era of technology where the escalation of mobile applications has surpassed the web applications and the traffic that generate from them. Moreover, the movie devices are not a new phenomenon. Smartphones are easy to use and the majority of the people are using them instead of carrying their desktops and laptops to browse a website. This is the reason, a website that look good on the small smartphones screens are important for the developers. In 2019, mobile-friendly websites are going to take over the web development beating simple web designs to the core.

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Do you know the majority of the information on the web is available in the text format? This number is way more than videos on the YouTube, audio in songs, sound bytes and podcasts and any other format you can imagine. Correspondingly, how you make your text look in front of viewers hold the utmost importance. All these things come under the Typography. In 2019, a lot of new fonts will be available in the Typography.

In the end, in 2019, web development will help your business to take a step ahead on the stair of the success.