As a website owner you may have worked on design, content, user experience and site usability, which are important for your online business – but without the page speed, all these efforts will go straight to drains, pretty bad? In today’s competitive market speed has become an important part of the business website. Investing in web development services can help you to resolve this issue but before contacting an agency let’s discuss ways to work on page loading speed.

In this fast pacing world, people look for fast solutions and a slow loading is something that lies at the bottom of their list. The slow loading website can drive customers away faster than anything else. As per the experts, slow loading websites can kill conversion. In fact, according to the survey, 47% people expect their visited websites to load in less than 2 seconds and nearly 40% visitors left a page if it takes more than 4 seconds to load. This means visitors are abandoning your website before looking at your attractive designs, reading your quality content and testing navigation just because it is taking more than 2 seconds to load. In the below post we are going to discuss ways to optimize your page speed for better results.

Start with Testing Tools


Before start working on website speed, you need to determine the current speed and elements that are slowing down your website. As a website owner, you should be aware of the fact that it takes lots of gives and takes to optimize the speed of the website. Here are some useful online tools that can help you to determine the speed of your website:

  • Google page speed insight:-

    This free online Google tool can check the site performance of your website. It provides separate results for both mobile and desktop platforms. In addition, the tool will give you required suggestion about specifically what is slowing down your website.

  • YSlow: –

    This is the free plugin that provides grading on the basis of HTTP requests and image sizes or whether the CND is being used or not.

  • Pingdom site speed: –

    Pingdom has so many website speed tools you can use to test the speed of your website from multiple locations across the globe. It gives many practical solutions to resolve the issue and increase website speed.

    It is always better to hire Web Development Company as these tools could be unrealistic sometime.


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What Makes Your Website Load Slower Than Others?


  • You have too many files

    The file size matters the most! While it may be obvious but it still needs to be mentioned here. Large files on the website can negatively affect page speed. You can use small size files or only use fewer files. We understand that images are important for a website but most of the time you don’t need large images, you can make them smaller so, they would take less space and time. A website design company can do it on your behalf.

  • Turn on your GZIP compressing

    Even after reducing the size of your images, it is better to turn on GZIP compressing which will compress the images further before sending them to users. The same will apply to all of the files on your business website.

  • Caching

You can give instructions to your visitors to use cache version of your website. By using statistic you can guide users to use cache version if it is static but also leverage when it takes time to load the new version of your website.

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