Have you ever tried to manage multiple sites on one platform? Well, maybe few of you have already tried that. You may have gone through several available options and the prices that come with it to cater to the need of a small business. In the short form running several sites on the same platform is possible for all brands, businesses and even for bloggers who are willing to take more control of their websites. Qdexi Web Development Agency offers some of the given tools to provide effective Web Development Service to the customers.

Every single one of them whether they are a business or an individual looking for the multiple website models do not know their actual requirements until they start using it. For such requirement they should know about the available options in the market so, they can choose a better option.

List of platforms to manage multiple sites

Main WP Dashboard: – Nowadays millions of people around the globe use WordPress as a web designing tool. You can create blogs, website, forums and much more. You can manage several works at one time using the main WP WordPress. It helps you to integrate all WP websites you are working on at the same time. All you have to do is download it and install the official MainWP dashboard plugin. After connecting through the MainWP dashboard you can access and manage all WP sites. You can take mainWP dashboard membership starting from $29.99 for monthly subscriptions and $199.99 for yearly subscriptions.

Duda site management and design platform: – In case if you are more focused on the online marketing and branding then you will surely love this tool. Duda helps you to create a beautiful and conversation-driving website for your online marketing and branding of your business. it is one of the fastest website building tools that truly work for creating landing pages. You can create as many pages as you want for the advertisement.

The special feature of Duda is you can use its centralized dashboard where numerous key controls are available so you do not need to switch from one interference to another. Duda doesn’t only work as a website builder but also can be used for team collaboration and client management. The popularity of Duda can be calculated with the frequency of site creation on the tool which is one in every 17 seconds.

You can just visit Qdexi Technology and avail Web Designing Services without spending any money on these tools.

Bluehost WordPress hosting: – When it comes to getting an advanced hosting solution there are numerous websites available in the market with high-performance, e-commerce, easy payment. For such a crucial situation, there is a tool name Bluehost WordPress hosting is available and comes at an affordable price. However, It comes with the necessary tools and features to run numerous website on a single platform.

CMS commander: – With various options to manage different website here comes the last but least tool CMS commander. With the help of CMS commander, users can map all of their website including their traffic and backlinks.

Qdexi Global Solution use some of these tools to work on client’s website delivering effective website development and designing services.