Do you want to set up the standard events and custom conversions to track your Facebook Advertisements? It is indeed true that set up of the conversion tracking is one critical factor in the success of advertisement campaign. The conversion tracking not only about measuring the return on investment but it also enables you to gain more from your Facebook Ads. The Social Media Optimization Services is one of the most authentic way to set up the whole thing.

Want to learn more about this? Here is a blog for you. You’ll discover simple ways to set up customer conversions and standard events which will make it easier for you to track the leads coming from your Facebook Ads.

Setting Up Facebook Standard Event

You will be happy to know that tracking of the advertisements becomes easier with the Facebook Pixel. Just install it in your website. In order to ensure that, you have correctly installed it, you can open chrome and access the Google Chrome extension store to download the Facebook Pixel Helper Tool. This would automatically appear in the browser toolbar. It is important to set up the Facebook standard event because it protects Facebook and its algorithms. You can hire digital marketing services from the professionals to learn more about it.

What Are Facebook Custom Conversions? How To It Set Up?

The custom conversions are used to track and optimize the actions on the certain web pages. There is no need to add unique pixel code to every single page. Rather than that just by using the unique pixel for every page, you can use Facebook pixel. It is an ideal option to use especially when you are executing the campaign with the website conversions. You have to install the Facebook Pixel on the website for creating the custom conversion.

In order to track the conversion, just click on the tools, come down and then select the pixels rather than custom conversions. After that, you have to click on the tracking method if you want to track the custom conversion. This can be little complicated. So, you can hire the SMO services for small business to let professionals handle this for you.

How To Optimize The Custom Conversion?

Increasing conversion rate on your website and branding of the online business are two. Facebook Ad Manager enables us to create campaigns according to certain objectives. If you want to focus on building brand, you can select the option “Promote your Page” for the objective of your campaign. If you want to increase conversions on your website then you have to select the conversion objective. Whether you have eCommerce website or a normal one this way will be very helpful for you to drive significant traffic to your website.

Let’s understand it with an example: Suppose, you have one clothing store and you want to promote a brand new winter collection. Now you want to increase the brand awareness and also want to drive conversions. For this you have to create the carousel advertisements with relevant images. Link these ads to their respective pages on your website. You can also add call-to-action buttons to encourage people to buy your products. If you are still unsure about it then here is the solution for you.

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