I am certain that most of the readers on this post may have heard or read that “content is the king”. We all know that quality content serve as a base for the digital marketing services but knowing is not going to make things easier. As understanding the above statement is one thing and implementing is an entirely different thing. The quality content creation takes lots of time, resources and skills something which is not gifted to each of us. To build a content creation process for a digital marketing agency we have experts which makes it as easy as it may look.

Here at Qdexi Technology, we have finally succeeded to create a marketing process which has helped various customers to reserve their deserving place in the search engine result pages.

How to Build a Content Creation Process for Online Marketing Company


  • Start with developing a keyword strategy

    The first step of creating a content process should be keyword research. We all know that every digital marketing company has their own set of online tools to perform keyword research and frankly speaking none of them is better, they are just different from each other. You should aim for the keywords phrases used by customers to search your products and services. There are at least 15 to 25 keywords you can mention in your content with the help of content writing services but if you are not satisfied then dig further with Google keyword planner.

  • Look for the low-hanging fruit keywords

    The second step of the process is to find law hanging keywords. By law hanging keywords we refer to the terms with higher volume search but facing difficulties to rank on the first page. Building content using these keywords help you to get the best return on the investment. To fulfil the task of finding law hanging keywords, you can use online tools like HubSpot Keyword Grader. For better results, you should go with the monthly keyword research.

  • The best writer in the town

    The main obstacle of creating quality content is finding a content writer in the town. Most of the companies find this process time consuming and end up hiring content marketing service from Qdexi Technology. Still, you want to a writer for your in-house content then start searching through online portals.

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  • Spend some time developing Titles and topics

    After finding the best content writer for your digital marketing company it is time to start working on the content. Before start writing on any particular topic you have come up with, it is crucial to understand what types of topics and titles get the higher clicks.

    Tips for content writing

    For an instant we have seen that people get attracted by titles that include terms like “How to”, “Top 4 or 5 Tips for”, and “7 marketing strategies”.

  • Work on content optimization

    After writing the content, it is time to work on overall content optimization. There is a 27 content optimization checklist you can go through before publishing your content. Qdexi Technology provides the best online marketing solutions for businesses around the world. Their services come at a price which will easily fit in your budget. For further details, visit our homepage.