In this era of digitalization and online marketing, it is crucial to own an ongoing online store to sell your products and services. For now, I assume that you own an online store built on WooCommerce. Coming to the main topic have you ever experience high traffic and slow sales? Frustrating isn’t it? When lots of visitors are coming to your website but leaving without making a purchase. In this situation, you must be wondering whether it is time to hire WooCommerce development services to look at insights to find out what is wrong with your website here. Before moving ahead and doing anything for your website, you must have a clear view of the situation.

Why Your Visitors are not Converting into Customers?



As an e-commerce website owner, you must know that online website you are running is nothing like other blogging or any informational websites. Although, all websites need traffic to rank higher on the search engine result pages their ultimate goal is to sell as many products as possible. This is only possible when customers stay and make the purchase from your e-commerce website or store.

The slow loading time and complicated check out process can make a huge impact on the conversion rate. In the worse situation, this could be the main reason for the visitor’s drawback or abandoning your e-commerce store. In this below post, we are going to discuss ways to convert your WooCommerce visitors into potential customers.

  • Start with the speed

    Do you know the success secret of top-notch companies like eBay and Amazon? Well, it is not as high as you are thinking but a common factor “Speed”. It plays a significant role in converting your website visitors into potential customers. There are several proved ways to speed up your e-commerce website or a store like installing WordPress plugins which will make your website more efficient allowing visitors to access pages more quickly.

  • Put a remarkable sense of urgency

    Another way to turn your visitors into potential customers is to put a sense of urgency. You know there is a number of customers who look for a product compare from the available options and then end up adding it in their carts and forget about it. With the help of e-commerce development services, you can create the sense of urgency by adding free shipping, limited time offers on the products and low stock notification etc.

  • Work on rescuing lost customers

    You have often witnessed that customers who visit your website do not purchase from your website due to the slow loading speed, security concerns, complicated checkout or payment process. You cannot blame them for not making the second visit to your website, do you? Thus, you need to plan in advance to rescue them all.

For the start you can you can hire WooCommerce development solutions. It will help you to add wishlist feature allowing your customers to save your products and buy them later. Qdexi Technology offers a wide range of development services including WooCommerce Development, E-commerce development, WordPress developmentMagento development and more at a reasonable price. You can visit the official website to get more information.