2018 was the year of the visual content. In the previous year, we have witnessed the impact of visual content on social media and digital marketing solutions. Additionally, videos have become an important element of online marketing with the increasing use of augmented reality tools- they have become a part of content marketing. In simple words, it is become crucial to add visual effects to make your content stand from the rest. Now, the question that arises here is what type of visual content attracts the readers? And how would you know that they are leveraging the desired results?

While talking with the digital marketers about their view on social media, we have found out that: –

  • 56% marketers use the visual effects in their content all the time.
  • Along with the original graphics like infographics, the Stock photographs were popularity used in content for visual marketing.
  • Majority of the marketers give importance to visual marketing and includes it in their strategy. They also believe that the trend of visuals and graphic will remain the same even in 2019.

How to Get Started With the Visual Marketing

There are several visual statistics you should be aware of before adding visuals in your content marketing. Despite advantages and disadvantages of the infographics for business, it is also important to learn about the visual statistics you can use in 2019 to achieve the desired result.

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Visual Content Marketing Statistics to Know For 2019

  • How much of content contain visuals?

When asked to marketers how much their content contains visual effects? Around 45% of the marketers said that their 91% to 100% content contain visuals. On the other hand, 56% marketers said, they use visuals in all of their contents. On the average, more than 80% of marketers use visuals in 50% of the published content.

  • What kind of visual do they use frequently?

The next question on the list is which kind of content do they use in their content more frequently? It is necessary to understand the value of visual, you are using in the content. According to the prepared statistics around 40% of marketers use stocked photographs, 37% went for original graphics, 12% used charts, 7% were going with the video and presentations and remaining 4% was using GIF and memes.

  • What did they use for creating visuals?

When it comes to creating visuals the process differs from one to another. There are some people who optimize stocked images to create visual content while others go for methods to create original and unique visuals. As per the conducted survey, around 49% of marketers use online tools or web design software to create visuals. On the other hand, 30% of marketers do it in-house with the team of web designers. Remaining 11% and 10 % use software, online tools and freelancer designers to create visuals. So here are the main three statistics that can help you to attract more visitors to your website. We will explain more in the next blog or article.

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