Search engine optimization (SEO) and Social media optimization (SMO) are two main digital marketing solutions that are interlinked with each other. Though, there is a little difference between the SEO and SMO is that SEO is used for the upgrade of the website ranking, whereas, the SMO solutions concern the use of social media to increase the traffic on the website.
The SMO service providers are well aware of the social media techniques to popularize the content and even know about the users’ responses to particular content. The video or visual content on these sites are more likely to gain the intended result for your business. Complete techniques are followed for its better performance.

SEO and SMO Tips for Improving the Website Ranking

  • Write Original Content According To The Google Guidelines: Write a unique SEO- friendly content for your website. With the help of the relevant blogs, articles on the site, you can receive high traffic on your website. The informative content with some tips and tricks would ultimately bring the desired result. Updating the web pages and social media with video content would entice users to visit the site.
  • Make use of Google Analytics: It will allow you to find the most search words on the search engine, so that, you can create an audience-friendly content. By putting relevant keywords in the content can help you to provide information to the people and improve your communication with them.
  • Social Share Buttons: The content on your social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube) must be engaging in order to encourage users to use the share button. With the help of this, it will drive the visitors to your site. You must consider it to share it only a few popular social sites like WhatsApp, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.
  •  Increase Followers: Maintain your company page on social sites and optimize it on a regular basis. The more the number of the follower is on your social pages, the more the traffic will increase on your site. The social connections with the online community will have a great impact on your website ranking.
  • Drive External Bound Links: It is considered as an advantage for leading as an authoritative domain. Exercising the external link sources and sharing the content in the discussion forums will eventually lead your website ranking on the top.
  • Start Micro-blogging: These types of blogs are comprised of small sentences and posted with the brief information, and with the links of the images, videos and articles. Tumblr, Posterous, and Freinds Feed are a few sites that consider microblogging. It acts as trending posts on social media that can be easily optimized on these networks.
  • Social Bookmark: The bookmarking can be done by the submission of the company website link to social websites. It will allow the user to visit the site for more information and also helps them to participate in online discussions and many other things. Reddit, Bizsugar, Digg and and several others are popular for social bookmarking. It is the best SMO strategy to get quality backlinks for your website ranking.

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