Every website designer is full of creativity and that could be the prime reason that lead them to this field. So, how in the creativity can spoil a good design? After consulting with the web designing service solution provider, you may realise that it is not all about creativity. Most of the website designers starts as a visual designers and after this learn about user experience, usability, conversion, user interference, accessibility and more. I understand most of the designers are standing on the current position due to their creativity but if they want to achieve more and become a better designer then they must understand unnecessary creativity can actually kill a good design.

How do Designers Do It?

As a designer first thing you must remember is you are designing for users. That means you have to think and design as per their prospective. The user psychology could be a complicated thing but there is one thing you can be assured of that with growing technology people are getting lazier. They have start looking for the least way to accomplish their task.

Too creative solution and layout can confuse the user making it hard to navigate through the website. So, how can you actually balance the artistic, creative design while making it intuitive? Here are some tips for that.

Tips for Making Creative Website Designs

  • Start with the Prototype

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According to the Google most of the users prefer those websites that look simple and familiar. People start forming the judgement about your website within the 50 milliseconds. On the basis of the very first website impression they decide if they want to stay or leave the website? Complicated designs can ruin the first impression and damage their expectation from the website.

Now, you may have seen hundreds or possibly thousands of websites till today. If someone ask you to draw a layout of website design, it will be something like;

 It doesn’t mean that every website should look like this but most of them do and this is the reason it is the prototype image. Of course, every user who visit your website have different expectation and with over creativity which expectation could be spoiled.

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  • Don’t Make Your User Think Too Much!

UI Elements

There are several web convenient and standard like placement of search bar, logo, or login details. Apart from this conventions could be seen in icons, website elements, styles, layout and visual hierarchy.

All of the above standards help users to navigate through the website to find what they are looking for. Try to avoid Reinventing wheels as they could hurt user expectation making it hard to find what they are looking for or make them confused. As mentioned above users look for the least resistance way to accomplish their task so, it is better to keep it in that way.

  • Utilize Your Creativity in Visual Design

Here comes the favourite part of website designing service. You should be creative when it comes to visual design. You can play with space, colour schemes and font combinations. In case if you could decide then hire Website Designing Services from Qdexi Technology. The experts at the website will help you design a website layout that will not only attract customers but represent the brand in the market.