The breadcrumbs play a vital role in the good and SEO friendly website. These are the links that enables the user to navigate their path from the page which they are currently witnessing to the home page of your website. The breadcrumbs are a useful navigation tool for both web designers and SEO experts. It is an essential ingredient of the SEO strategy. The breadcrumbs are utilized by the Google bots for a better understanding of the website hierarchy. It also navigates the users to track their path from the page of your website.

Most of the time the website owners don’t give preference to breadcrumbs. It makes a major impact on the improvement of SEO and user experience. Therefore, you should not avoid this. You can take professional help for this task. Qdexi Technology can provide you proficient help for maintaining the SEO of your website.  They have been providing SEO services in the USA for more than a decade now.


Breadcrumbs are classified into three major types and they are mentioned below.

  • Location breadcrumbs: These types of breadcrumbs are most commonly available on the web today. It determines the location of the users based on their different level of pages.  It tells the position of the page within the site hierarchy.
  • Path breadcrumbs: As the name of these breadcrumbs itself suggest, it shows the path the users have taken to webpages. You can use various logical paths displayed by the breadcrumbs for accessing the content of the website.
  • Attribute or keyword breadcrumbs: These breadcrumbs are exactly like the location breadcrumbs but the slight difference between them, it uses keywords and some other attributes to demonstrate the page. These breadcrumbs are majorly used on the e-commerce website.

Advantages of using the breadcrumbs on the website

  • Bounce rate reduction: You must have noticed that people hardly enter the website via homepage. The organic search is something that really matters. This makes it mandatory to come up with the way that can guide the users to other parts of your website. Using the breadcrumbs is useful for lowering down the bounce rates as you are offering an alternative way to scroll through your website.
  • Great user experience: Nothing frustrates the users more than not being able to find something on the website. So if you don’t want your users to get annoyed while browsing your website then you must use these breadcrumbs on your website. It would give them some recognizable objects or other landmarks for navigation.
  • Good for search engines: As mentioned earlier, Google and other search engines put heavy emphasis on the website that has structured properly with the breadcrumbs. It also tells Google about the structure of your website. It also utilizes your breadcrumbs for the actual search results. This makes the results more enticing for the users.

These improvements will create a better user experience and it also leads to elevate the page ranking. You can also enhance the ranking by the showing breadcrumbs in the Meta description. However, if you need professional help for the search engine optimization of the website, then you hire the experts of Qdexi technology. They can provide you best support for digital marketing. So why are you waiting? Contact us now for hassle-free service.