As we all know that Google keeps changing its ranking algorithms constantly. Recently, Google has announced this major change in mobile ranking factors. Everything is highly emphasized on speed. It has been the crucial factor for determining organic rankings and Google Ads quality score. Now, Google has announced that page speed would become the major ranking factors for improving mobile searches.

The page rank can only be increased by practicing search engine optimization. It is mandatory to update your website according to these latest algorithms. You have to pay close attention to everything. This task is a little bit technical for which you must consider getting professional help. The professional SEOs keep their keen observing eye on all the latest updates. Qdexi Technology is expert digital marketing company where you can meet expert SEOs. They can optimize the pages of your website to help you get higher rankings in search engine result pages. You can acquire search engine optimization services directly from their website. However, this blog is further going to tell you more details about this update of Google, so that you can understand it in a better way.

We all are aware of the fact that mobile web browsing has officially surpassed the amount of traffic driven by desktops. This means that most of the potential users of your website are searching for you through mobile devices. Therefore, your website should be mobile friendly. It is also important to optimize the web pages so that they can works perfectly for mobile users.

People make searches to find a solution to their queries. They want a website to load quickly so that they can get the information as soon as possible. Although, page speed has always been the crucial factor for ranking but it was largely focused towards the desktop searches. As the number of mobile phone users is gradually increasing, Google has introduced this “Speed Update” to make all this more convenient for mobile users.

Google has suggested three major tools that would help you evaluate the performance of your page. These tools are mentioned below:

Chrome User Experience Report: It is the dataset of key user experience metrics. It helps you measure page speed and also gives you suggestions to make improvements.

Lighthouse: It is a part of Chrome developer tools which is highly automated. This is used for the auditing of web pages.

PageSpeed Insights: This tool also helps you determine how well your pages are performing Chrome UX report. It also gives suggestions for performance optimization.

Best Ways to Adjust The Mobile SEO Strategy According to Google’s Speed Update:

Switch to the Accelerated Mobile Pages: A Google Accelerated mobile pages are used for the creating super fast experience for the users. The use of AMP cuts down the load time of the pages.

Leverage the benefits of search console and PageSpeed Insights: This is a great way to check the website’s usability. It helps you identify the issues with your site pages and the nature of the problems it is facing. Along with that it also gives the best suggestions to improve its functionality.

Think about the intent: You know that search queries performed on mobile devices are different than desktop searches. Therefore, you must keep this in mind while optimizing your web pages for mobile devices.

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