Trending web design are changing from time to time. Designers are most concerned to renovate the previous styles and experiment new techniques for making an effective design for the website. There are many popular styles and themes offered by the various platform for installing or creating influencive illustrations or themes.

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In this blog post, you will learn about the latest web designing trends in this year and the role of web development service provider in implementing the innovative designs for the assigned project.

Latest Website Designing Trends:

eCommerce Design Trends: the UX (user- experience) and the UI (user- interface) is used for the visual appeal on the website.  The designing trends are utilized according to the user- convenience.  Designs are made for increasing the efficiency of the website and to improve the speed, usability and uniqueness of the website.


Responsive Design Trends: Designers concern on maintaining the web page, suitable to all devices (android, iOS and mac). According to a report, more than 60% of traffic is gained by the mobile users. This is why, the main focus of the designers is to make responsive design to meet the demand the end- users. Utilizing the trendy techniques, new features and functionality of the website.


Old is Gold: Most the designers like to use the bright and bold colour for designing the website. But instead of doing this, one must concern on using deep colour. It will eventually increase the traffic on the website. Operating default themes and specific shadows and shades make an effective impact on the visitors of the site.  IPS (In-Plane Switching) can help you to select the bold colours for your company website.


Integrated GIFs, animations and dynamic Illustration: remember downloading and installing of the high pixel images might affect the page loading time. Designers must constrict the image size and utilize the high- quality graphics for allowing user to experience hassle –free service. Hidden navigation is the another thing that could make an effective result.


CSS- Grids: Online brands are more focused to choose between the desktop and mobile- only. The designer configures several selected sites to find the demographic of the mobile users. And locate the service, according to the mobile version and the device size. Considering CSS Grids provides more flexible option to fit the design on the different mobile size. The layout system offers an opportunity to categorize the content in rows and the column.


Manual Drawings: The manually drawn elements add –on the uniqueness on the website and pop-up the attractiveness of the website. Both custom illustrations and blog typography are the two latest advance designing techniques. It will bring more engagement with the users of the site and also build the large customer- base.


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